Do You Know Your Home’s Wind Zone? Here’s How to Find it

What's a wind zone and why should you pay attention to it? Find out all the things you need to know about your home’s wind zone classification.

We all love to talk about the exciting parts of homeownership like the perfect themes and adorable decorations, but what about the parts of homeownership we don’t often discuss?

When you think about buying a home, you may never think to ask about what wind zone you're in, but this can be important to understand when it comes to the construction and installation of your home, depending on where it’s located. So, while wind zones may not be the most exciting topic, it is important to understand them in case you live in an area with high winds, or you ever decide to move your home to a different location. That’s why we’re going to talk about them! Let’s discuss what you need to know.

What is a Wind Zone?

Manufactured home in a large field of green grass and trees.

Wind zones were created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1976. The wind zone your home will be located in determines how the home is built and, just as importantly, how the home is anchored to the ground or foundation. Did you know that every Clayton Built® home is built to HUD Code wind zone classifications? But, what exactly does this mean?

In 1992, HUD began conducting studies of different building standards and updated requirements for snow, seismic activity and wind safety to ensure that prefab homes are built with safety, strength and durability in mind. For the safety of future home buyers, the HUD Code is continuously reviewed and updated as new technology and safety measures are developed.

So, “HUD Code wind zone classification” is simply a fancy term to let homeowners know that their Clayton Built® home has been designed and built to withstand winds up to a particular strength based on where the home is.

Building for a Wind Zone

Map of United States wind zones. Manufactured Housing Institute - Basic Wind Zone Map

If you’re thinking about buying a prefab home, keep in mind that a home built to Wind Zone 1 cannot be placed by the manufacturer in Zones 2 or 3, but a home built to Wind Zone 3 standards can be placed in lower wind zones. Zone 3 homes are built to withstand higher speed winds than Zones 2 and 1, and are primarily found along the coastline, an area more prone to hurricane force winds. Here is a breakdown of what each Wind Zone rating means:

• Zone 3 – Designed to resist wind speeds up to 110 mph. • Zone 2 – Designed to resist wind speeds up to100 mph. • Zone 1 – Designed for the interior of the country where hurricanes are not expected.

Since all Clayton Built® homes are now built according to federal wind regulations and are designed to protect against windstorms typical in each wind zone, they are a durable housing option for many families across the country.

In fact, one study shows when four hurricanes hit Florida in 2004 manufactured homes fared well. Not one manufactured home in the state, built after the 1994 HUD Code changes, was completely destroyed.1 Check out how prefab homes lasted during Hurricane Irma in Fall 2017.


How to Find Your Home’s Wind Zone

To find your Clayton Built® home’s wind zone, you can look at the HUD data plate that’s posted inside your home. You may ask, “Where can I find this plate?” Usually, you can find the data plate inside a kitchen cabinet, bedroom closet or the electrical box.

If you can’t find your data plate, you can also look up the serial number on your HUD tag, also called a HUD Certification Label, which is a metal plate attached to your home’s exterior. You can use the serial number on your HUD tag to look up information about your home like your home’s wind zone classification.

Did you know your home even had a wind zone designation? There are lots of important topics about homeownership that aren’t often discussed, regardless of their importance. But, the Clayton Built® team wants to keep our homeowners as informed as possible! That’s why we give you the option to make a favorites account to keep up with the latest styles, home types and all things homeownership!



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