How to Decorate Your House as a Couple

Whether you’re moving in together for the first time or tackling a redesign as a couple, combining styles or working together on a cohesive decor plan can be overwhelming. With so many options, we've gathered some of the best tips and a quiz to help you out.

1. Determine Your Styles

Part of the difficulty of knowing where to begin is that there are a million ways to tackle this project. However, starting by taking the time to find and agree upon not only a budget, but a design style that speaks to what you want your home to look like, provide a clear and simple starting point. This ensures that you identify any conflicting visions for the space immediately, start on the same page and also have a clear vision of what the end product will be. Particularly for young couples, decor and design can be tough to search out and select, but there are lots of ways to find inspiration. You can even take design style quizzes online together!

Manufactured home living room decorated with farmhouse features and a shiplap accent wall.

Knowing from the beginning that one of you gravitates towards a rustic farmhouse vision, while the other prefers a contemporary modern feel, can help with compromising and also identifying what aspects of each style might speak to both of you to build from. While you might individually have very distinct styles, you might find that there’s a different one that can contain elements you both like while representing home to both of you. Having a fully formed plan and style can serve as a guideline throughout the process to refer back to, which can be valuable when you’re in the thick of making multiple design choices at once. Take our couple's style quiz to find our what your style is and find inspiration for your home!

2. Purchase Larger, Essential Items First

Tan couch in manufactured home living room in front of three large windows.

Selecting larger pieces of furniture first is a great place to begin as they’ll take up more space and are typically the more expensive pieces. Furniture like sofas, armchairs, area rugs, bookshelves and cabinetry are solid initial items to make decisions on first. Whether your style is understated or over-the-top, try to select these items in neutral tones. Since these are investment pieces, you want them to stand the test of time and this also ensures that you can easily swap out smaller decor items by season and trend while keeping a cohesive design. That said, if you absolutely love a piece of decor that might be bigger or more expensive than what you originally had planned and want to incorporate it, it’s easier to find ways to do this once you have your larger items already planned out as well.

Again, planning a design as a couple can present its own set of hiccups, focusing on the main pieces to purchase first can give a little room later on to help each person express what they want in their home with smaller, less expensive items. For young couples on a budget, or those working on building their first home together, this can be a good rule of thumb to try out when initially planning.

3. Make Designing Your Home Fun

Don’t make designing your home a point of an argument, this should be a fun and exciting experience with your spouse or roommate! Try to keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun, you’re working together on a home, not merely color palettes, fabrics and end tables. While it can seem like an eternity between when you begin thinking about the design to when you’re actually able to settle in, remind yourself that you will soon own your own home.

Of course, sometimes two design styles will remain two separate styles, no matter how much collaborating and working together you do. Instead of pushing back, embrace it. If his and hers stuff works best then that’s clearly your style! Basing your design around larger pieces in a neutral color you both agree on also makes this a bit easier to let your styles shine, but in a way that can feel like home for both of you.

Creating a cohesive design that you both agree on that also incorporates two very different aesthetics might be a bit more than most can manage, so if help is needed there are lots of ways to make the process easier, including interior design services online that can help you navigate creating a beautiful space.

Looking for opportunities, both big and small, to collaborate and bond through this process can make it more fun and less stressful. Use your resources and find an open way of communicating with your design partner and you’ll have a beautiful space that you can both take pride in creating.


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