Top 4 Fireplace Designs for Your Home

Manufactured home stone fireplace with wood accents.

A fireplace is a feature you don’t want to miss out on, and why would you? With so many Clayton Built® fireplace options, the choice is yours.

You just walked into your house after trekking through a wet winter day. You’re absolutely soaked, and you’ve got a warm fuzzy blanket and a hot drink in mind. But, something is missing.

A large fireplace to kick on before you sit back and listen to the crackling of the embers while you soak in the heat and relax in the warm glow of your living room. Now that sounds like an evening I could get used to.

There are several types of fireplaces that can easily turn into the centerpiece of your living room. Let’s talk about a few potential fireplace options to add to your Clayton Built® home!

Classic Stone

Manufactured home living room with stone fireplace and wooden features.

Stone fireplace options are a favorite in the Clayton Built® family because of their ability to add a classic vibe to any living room.

The nice thing about choosing stone is there are so many options to choose from. From wide plank sizes to thinly stacked stone, you can easily emphasize the home style you want by the fireplace you choose.

Another feature you get to pick from when choosing stone is the color. From a wide range of beiges and grays, you’ll be able to incorporate naturally beautiful accents while staying within the color scheme you want.

Modern Brick

Manufactured home living room with an entertainment center and brick fireplace.

Maybe you prefer features in your home that have sleek lines and are laid out precisely. This probably means you enjoy a more modern style.

Modern styled living rooms wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful brick fireplace. Whether you want your fireplace with built-in shelves or an entertainment center, the Clayton Built® team has options for you to maximize the space and storage in your home.

From exposed brick styles for a more natural feel to clean-cut, glossed bricks, you are sure to find the brick fireplace style to complete your living room look.

Electric Fireplaces

Manufactured home living room with barn doors and a stone fireplace.

Choosing the style of fireplace you want is always important, but deciding what type of fireplace belongs in your home is also a decision you have to make. An electric fireplace is one of our more popular options for its ability to heat up quickly because of its premium heating coils.

The look of an electric fireplace is also unique. Commonly decorated with colorful stones or faux wood, an electric fireplace can add a unique style to your living room.

The River Stone Look

Manufactured home entertainment center with a river stone fireplace and TV.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. We already did a stone style, right? You would be correct, but the river stone style deserves to be in a category of its own. This fireplace style adds a uniquely natural look to your living room by incorporating smooth river stones in a natural pattern to encase your fireplace.

Are you looking for more fireplace options for your home? Or maybe you just want to see what kind of features a Clayton Built® home could have for you. That’s why we created the interactive floor plan, a virtual tool that allows you to navigate through a home and decide which features you love, all from the comfort of your computer.

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