6 Popular Backsplashes to Customize Your Kitchen

Gray glass backsplash glints in the sunlight in a white cabinet kitchen with a silver hood over it.

Cinderella isn’t the only one to find her perfect fit. Check out these gorgeous backsplash options and slip into the modern glass slipper — a kitchen that’s just perfect for you! Explore the latest trends in kitchen backsplashes and fall in love with this post.

Your home’s backsplash not only plays a practical function by protecting your walls and providing easy cleanup, it also sets the tone of your kitchen. There are so many options in our homes, and updating your backsplash is also often a potential DIY project for when you get the itch to change what you have. So, whether you’re updating your kitchen or looking for a backsplash idea for your new manufactured or modular home, here are our favorite on-trend backsplash designs.

Manufactured kitchen with white walls, an accent wall with vertical, teal tile, and a large breakfast island directly across from it.

1. Vertical Tile Backsplash

Tile is turning — vertical that is! Vertical tile changes up the typical flow of a kitchen and draws your eye upward, which works a kind of magic on accent walls to make your space look even bigger. Open shelving pairs well with this sleek, bold take on tiling. Dark and deep colors are also becoming more and more popular for tile and this specific style is no exception.

Stainless steel sink with window behind it and black and white patterned tile as backsplash.

2. Patterned Backsplash Tile

Patterns and color have found their way back into the kitchen! Popular takes on wallpaper and intricate designs have inspired this movement. A little goes a long with patterned backsplash, so it’s a great option if you have a small area to cover or are trying to save some cash with a DIY project. We love the character and statement that patterns can add, and they instantly steal the show not matter what design you choose.

Kitchen with white and light wood accents, plus there's an brick accent wall directly in the center above the oven.

3. Brick Accent Backsplash

Brick may not be your first thought for a kitchen backsplash, but it sure adds a little extra something, especially if you’re looking for that farmhouse vibe! Fake brick is perfect for an accent wall design, especially in kitchen layouts that have the oven off to itself, like you see above. I love this option because it feels very “old world,” like when an exposed exterior wall comes through inside the home. You’re sure to love this cozy, rustic design.

There are three square windows above a shelf in a modern, white tiled kitchen. Stainless steel sink and white countertop sit below the windows in this kitchen.

4. Square Tile Backsplash

This style is similar to the also popular subway tile, but instead of a rectangle, think square. We love this simple but artsy twist to a timeless favorite. It adds more dimension to your backsplash and creates the perfect backdrop for the rest of your decor, especially when paired with open shelving and natural light. And while the square shape shines in white, you’ll find any color square tile can liven up your space.

There's a white and tan kitchen with dark gray paneling as backslash. It has a green breakfast bar island in the center of the room.

5. Panel Backsplash

Paneling gets new life with a fresh coat of paint, and your kitchen shouldn’t miss out on this charming option. If you’re looking something a little more cost efficient, look no further. And while paneling doesn’t add the dimension of tile, it still has its own flair and allows you to add a little moodiness to your cooking area. You can even coordinate the panel backsplash to other areas of your home to create a truly seamless look.

A stainless steel kitchen hood sits above an oven with dark gray, shiny tiling behind it.

6. Dark Glass Tile Backsplash

High contrast kitchens are popular right now, and it’s not hard for us to understand why. These dark gray or black glass tiles really pack a design punch and we love the instant modern touch they add. You can definitely add some drama to your kitchen with this customized look.

Now that you’ve seen some of the beautiful backsplashes you can find in Clayton homes, be sure to check out other popular kitchen features we offer, including our kitchen cabinet, island and countertop options. Head over to our Find a Home page today to explore more options that are available in your area and find the kitchen that speaks to you!

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