10 Storage Features for Your Kitchen

The Emma Jean’s kitchen has a wall rack with pots hanging on the left of white cabinets and counter and wooden open shelves with rustic décor.

Check out these 10 kitchen features you’ll find in Clayton Built® manufactured or modular homes to help store all your cookware, food and cleaning supplies.

Looking for a new home with a kitchen that has lots of storage options? Check out these kitchen features available in our Clayton homes that will help you keep the countertop clutter down and stay organized, whether you’re putting together a quick weeknight meal or prepping for a big family get-together.


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Pantries are a great feature for extra storage and to keep your dry groceries and dishware organized. And a walk-in pantry can give you the space to buy in bulk and keep larger appliances on hand, without taking up more counter space. If you love to bake, throw super parties, have a large family or just like to stock up, this feature is a must-have for your kitchen. The Sweetwater has not just a walk-in but also a butler pantry, perfect for all your cooking needs.

Islands with Storage

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A kitchen island alone can be great for additional counterspace and seating, but islands that include drawers, cabinets and shelves give you more storage without taking up more square feet. You can organize pots and pans, appliances and serveware easily with this feature, like in the Lulabelle's gorgeous farmhouse kitchen.

Wine Racks

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For wine lovers, a built-in wine rack is a big plus for a kitchen. Whether you like pairing wine with a cheese snack, adding it to your cooking or celebrating a special moment, a wine rack keeps your favorite reds and whites easily stored and accessible. The 3338 Heritage has a beautiful wine rack built into the kitchen island, saving space while displaying the bottles in an elegant way.


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A buffet is an ideal transition from the kitchen to the dining area. Use the counter as a space to set food and serve from so your table will have enough room for eating or a beautiful centerpiece. The cabinets can also store all your serveware. The Anniversary has a lovely buffet ready for your next dinner with family and friends.

Coffee Bars

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Many people need a big cup of coffee to get started for the day, so skip the cafe and save money with your own coffee bar. Organize your French press or coffeemaker with your favorite mugs, sweeteners, syrups and creamers all in one place with a built-in coffee bar. It’ll make your morning routine as smooth as that first sip and be a thoughtful and convenient touch for guests. The Mariner has a marble-style coffee bar with open shelves and cabinets just off the side of the kitchen.

Pot Racks

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Pot racks come in handy for the home chef. Have your pots, pans and skillets hanging nearby and free up room in your cabinets and oven drawer. Plus, we love the rustic feel the Emma Jean gives with its pot rack right beside the pantry door.

Refrigerator Surround Cabinets

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One way to take advantage of more cabinet space is to have them built around the refrigerator. You can use the cabinets by the refrigerator to keep lunch boxes, thermoses, snack bags and leftover containers to conveniently take in and out of the fridge. Lunch prep just got a whole lot faster! We especially love the dark floor-to-ceiling-cabinets around the fridge in the Freedom Grand 4BR 32X62.

Revolving Trays in Cabinets

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Corner cabinets can be tricky to maneuver kitchen items in and out of, so revolving trays are a great way to organize cookware to be just a couple of turn away. No more digging and reaching for that set of ramekins or saucepans! The Legend 86 has a rotating tray built in for you as a storage solution.

Open Shelving

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Open shelves are an awesome way to store regularly used serving ware and ingredients to make meal prep a cinch or show off your more decorative plates and glasses. You can assess what you need from the shelves quickly, and it gives your kitchen a more spacious, airy vibe. Open shelves work for several styles, whether for a cozy cabin or a streamlined, modern approach like in the Highland Park 6430-MS038 Sect.

Built-in Hutches

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Our grandmothers displayed fine china, table linens and cake platters in beautiful hutches, but don’t think hutches are just for grandmas. Take advantage of the extra storage! Whether you’re displaying fancy plates or just storing paper plates, a hutch like the one in Shower House 2.0 makes kitchen organization easier.

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