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Busted! Three Myths About Prefabricated Housing Explained

We all know the rumors that come with manufactured housing, but how do you know which are myths and which are facts? We’re here to bust the 3 common myths about manufactured housing.

There are a lot of myths people believe about off-site built homes, otherwise known as manufactured homes. But, in the past 30-40 years, these homes have changed in a way you wouldn’t believe.

As off-site built housing continues to develop new concepts and designs, these homes have been purchased by more families than ever before. Take a look at these myths and see how the industry busts them.

1. Manufactured Houses Are “Snapped” Together

Crane carrying a manufactured home on a home lot.

I’m not sure where this one came from, but we hear it all the time!

Yes, off-site built homes fit together by securing top of the line hardware such as bolts, metal straps, and joined wooden frames. However, this actually strengthens the integrity of the home!

Off-site built homes use heavy-duty materials to form strong joints with efficiency. Check out the strength and durability guarantee for a deeper dive into our home building process.

2. Prefabricated Homes All Look The Same

Outside picture of manufactured home with stone and siding exterior.

The off-site housing industry does offer basic models. These homes incorporate simple designs and quality living features. However, these homes are not limited by the simple designs. Nowadays, you can buy just about any style of home you’d like!

Prefabricated home designs are nearly unlimited! Whether it’s a a multi-section home with a porch and a garage, or a new concept prefabricated home, you can find the design that works for you. Plus, almost every new home is available with stunning upgrades and design options to ensure that the home fits the family living in it.

3. Prefabricated Homes Decrease The Value Of Land

Hand written manufactured housing budget sheet with a computer and calculator.

Land can be a great investment. However, some believe that adding an off-site built home to their land can hinder its appreciation. This is simply not the rule. Many people decide to buy land and choose an affordable home for their property. It's been shown too that off-site built homes do not depreciate surrounding properties either!

We know, curb appeal is a big deal. If any home is not maintained, it can be difficult to sell property to any perspective buyer. Maintaining your property well is an essential part of real estate value.

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