Let’s Bring Back the Front Porch

Family of four sitting in the stoop of a white porch.

From the timeless wraparound porch to the classic focal point porch, Clayton Built® has made outdoor life easy with these incredible porches.

It’s about an hour before sunset and the sky is glowing a brilliant mixture of reds, oranges and yellows. The sound of June bugs are faint in the distance while you hone in on the fireflies flickering around you.

It’s at this moment that you realize how much you truly appreciate your front porch. Porches aren’t only a place to sit back and enjoy the scenery, they’re a place to bring families together.

We wanted to give every family this opportunity! That’s why we created several Clayton Built® home models with the porches you’ve been dreaming about. (Don’t worry, we dream about porches too!)

So, without further ado… Check out these Incredible Clayton Built® outdoor porches!


Timeless Wraparound Porch

Outside of a manufactured home with white siding and a wraparound porch.

Let’s start off with an oldie but goodie, the good ol’ fashion wraparound porch.

The space you get from a wraparound porch allows you so much flexibility! From entertainment space to an area for practicing your green thumb , these types of porches are so versatile while never losing their charming look.

Focal Point Porch

Exterior image of a couple sitting on the stairs to their manufactured home front porch with plants and lawn chairs.

So maybe you don’t need a lot of porch space… Don’t worry we still have the perfect home for you!

Focal point porches are a great addition to any home because of their unique ability to add a homey and winsome feel. They’re also the perfect place to display décor for any time of the year!

Cute Christmas light? Check! Spring pastel galore? Double check! Then summer, to fall and so on! It’s such an adorable area to brighten up the front of your home and show off all of your favorite styles.

Exterior image of a manufactured home with stone and vinyl siding.

So, you’ve decided that you’re ready for the long evenings watching the kids play in the yard from your delicately selected rocking chair. Maybe you’re ready to have the cutest home on the block with a decked-out porch for every season.

If you’re the one that’s decided a porch is an absolute must have for your next home, then you’re ready to start searching! Find out which Clayton Built® home is perfect for your next journey.

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