Porch Options You’ll Find in Clayton Homes

A couple sits with their dog on the front porch of a modular home with gray and white siding and an attached garage.

From the timeless front porch to a versatile wraparound porch, Clayton is making outdoor life easy with these incredible porch options for your manufactured or modular home.

Porches are a great feature that bring families and friends together. They help you make the most of your outdoor living space, nice weather and the fresh air. A front porch also gives guests a strong first impression and can add value and curb appeal to your home. Below, we share some floor plans Clayton offers that feature different types of porches.

Covered Front Porch

Hawthorne 25BLN32643AH Exterior 2022 June-9 (1)

Let’s start with the classic front porch. A traditional covered porch creates a beautiful front focal point and a warm welcome. It’s perfectly positioned so you can wave to neighbors, watch over pets and children playing, or safely sit and listen to the rain. For example, the Hawthorne features an airy porch that’s large enough for everyone to hang out.

Wraparound Porch

Southern Charm 27ELN32663BH Customer Exterior Tennessee 2023-July 007

With a wraparound porch to wrap around your home dreams, the Southern Charm offers you the space to spread out furniture and still have room to decorate with hanging or potted plants. Bring the get-togethers outside easily with two doors on either side of the porch, and opening the windows that surround the dining room inside will add a view to your meal. It’s not hard to picture enjoying your morning coffee or an iced tea on this porch.

Side Porch

72ING28563EH Shasta Exterior 2021 July-001 (2)

Enjoy a bit more privacy with the side porch setup that connects you to the front and back yard. And we think the prow style really makes a statement, elevating the side porch to a whole new level. If you’re really looking for a rustic, cabin feel, the Shasta features a large prow porch with a vaulted ceiling that juts out in front of a wall of windows, inviting you to enjoy the view inside and out.

Bungalow Porch

91COR24563BH Exterior 2020-May 01 cropped

A pitched roof and a front porch are musts for a bungalow home, and Clayton offers several models with a modern take on this home style, like the Coronado 2456B. This charming porch provides an intimate setting to enjoy the fresh air without taking up a lot of yard space, which makes it great if your home is on a smaller plot of land or you’re in need of a model with a vertical layout.


72CPP28563CH exterior WA 2022 Oct-6

A portico is typically considered a small porch, with columns holding up a small roof at the entrance of the home. The Preferred Plus CP561F features a great example of one. While a porch is meant to be an outdoor living space, a portico is mostly there to protect you from the elements as you enter your home (a blessing when you have your hands full!) and add a bit of flair to the exterior. It can also be an ideal spot to show off a potted plant or two.

Farmers Porch

72INS28563BH Exterior-2 (1)

Now, while all farmers porches are front porches, but not all front porches are considered farmers style. Traditionally, farmers porches span the entire front of a home and tend to feature columns and railings for a classic look. Also sometimes called an open porch, it’s meant to be inviting and encourage guests to sit and chat, like this one on the Spruce.

Side-Entry Porch

25BLD32583AH Keeneland CrossMod Exterior 2021 Dec 001

Entering from the side allows you to access the porch from your driveway instead of having a pathway up to the house, which gives you more room for a large front garden or lawn space . Plus, it makes bringing those groceries and purchases directly from the car that much easier. The Keeneland features an elevated side-entry porch with beams and large windows

Back Porch

The Turner 73ADM32663A Nov 2020 Porch 6392-1

We don’t want front porches to get all the love. A back porch is more private and can provide shade at the summer barbecue or as an outdoor dining room for dinner with close friends. You still get a comfortable viewing point to watch the kids play soccer in the backyard or your dogs run around with the zoomies. The Turner features a back porch with two entries, one directly from the primary bedroom and the other off the dining room.

With a manufactured or modular home from Clayton, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing one with a porch that fits your style and needs. Ready to see more? Check out our handpicked collection of homes with porches below to continue your search for the perfect first or next home. You can also search for models on our Homes page and filter by size, price range and features like covered front porches.

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