Exterior Options for Manufactured and Modular Homes

The Keeneland home model has gray siding with natural wood beams and shutters and is decorated for winter with greenery and wreaths.

With beautiful designs and modern details, our Clayton homes have the perfect exterior style for you. Let’s explore a few manufactured and modular home exterior options!

When you’re considering buying a home, its curb appeal is a huge factor to help you determine if it’s right for you. After all, the exterior is the first thing you’ll see when you arrive at your home and the first impression others will have when they visit. So, shouldn’t it be something you absolutely love?

Clayton is all about creating a home you’ll be proud to call yours, and we do this through detailed craftsmanship and durable, modern designs. Let’s go through a few of our beautiful manufactured and modular home exterior options, and you just might find your dream home along the way.

Attached Garage

Hawthorne 25BLN32643AH Exterior 2022 June-9

A garage is often a must-have for home buyers, especially for extra storage or as a drop zone. Regardless of why you’re looking for a garage or carport, the Clayton team wants to ensure this addition adds charm and convenience to the exterior of your home. We offer home models that include garage options, and depending on where your home will be located and the home you’re interested in, you may be able to add an attached or detached garage.

Different garage options can completely change the exterior style of your home. Details such as the garage color, size and materials can give your home’s exterior a clean and sophisticated look. We’re a big fan of the stone-style garage featured with the Hawthorne.

Front and Side Porches

72ING28563EH Shasta Exterior 2021 July-001

For all of the porch fans out there, you know the perfect outdoor space can be the cherry on top of a beautiful home exterior, which is why Clayton offers many manufactured and modular home models with various porch options. There are several factors to consider when picking out the perfect porch and home exterior combination, like size and style, but a major element to keep in mind is the location of the porch.

Many Clayton home models feature porch options in different areas, such as a front porch in the center of the home, a wraparound porch or, one of our personal favorites, the corner porch. A corner porch option allows for multiple entryways into the home and gives your exterior a warm, casual style. Pairing a relaxing corner porch with the perfect exterior color and accents, such as in the Shasta, creates an exterior to remember.

Front-Loaded Layout

91COR24563BH Exterior 2020-May 01 (2)

A front-loaded home is an attractive layout option with a rich history, and it can have a big impact on your exterior. Originally built to maximize lot space, front-loaded homes typically have a narrower entrance point, allowing your home’s design details to really stand out. You’ll commonly see front-loaded homes accompanied by porches, large windows and beautiful entrance points, creating the ultimate curb appeal.

In homes such as the Coronado 2456B, you’ll find picturesque windows, a welcoming porch and other modern details that are common for the exterior of front-loaded homes. Clayton offers several front-loaded home model options so you can find a beautiful manufactured or modular home that fits your specific style and lot size.

Stylish Skirting and Window Treatments

The Mayfields Lulamae Customer Testimonial Alabama Influencer Campaign 2018-138

When it comes to planning out the exterior style of your Clayton home, all the details can add up to make it personalized. One element that can make a big impact on the exterior style of your manufactured home is the skirting or underpinning you choose. There are many skirting materials to choose from, like vinyl, concrete, lattice or brick style options, such as the one for this Lulamae home model.

Another feature to consider are the window treatments. Clayton homes are designed with a variety of styles for window casings, awnings, shutters and more. Many use a combination of these treatments to enhance the home’s overall aesthetic.

Whether it’s a gorgeous exterior style created by the talented Clayton design team in our Home Innovation Lab or the features you’ve chosen to personalize, we know that choosing the perfect home is a big deal. Check out home options, styles and pricing in your area, and reach out to your local home center to schedule a visit. Your home center consultants are happy and ready to help answer questions and give you a walkthrough of available homes.

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