5 Countertop Options for Your Clayton Bathroom

Bathroom of a manufactured home with marble style countertops, white sink, silver faucet, round mirror and decor.

Check out laminate countertop styles you’ll find in the bathrooms of Clayton homes, from the look of marble to granite and more.

At Clayton, we build our manufactured and modular homes to be both beautiful and strong. And we do that by using quality materials from top home building brands, including for our bathroom countertops. The bathroom countertops of Clayton Built® homes are made of laminate, which means they’re durable, affordable and come in a ton of styles to fit your personal taste.

Whether you’re rushing to get ready in the morning or unwinding with a peaceful bath in the evening, your bathroom is your personal retreat, and the countertops can really tie your space together. So, let’s take a look at some of the different options we offer.

Bathroom of a manufactured home with marble style countertops, 2 white sinks with silver faucets, white cabinets, walls and mirrors, multicolored wood floor and pink flowers on the counter.

1. Marble-Style

It’s easy to see why modern, elegant marble is quickly becoming a popular countertop style choice. Real marble is highly porous and can require a lot of maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape, so marble-style laminate is a great alternative to achieve that gorgeous, clean look with less elbow grease. Now that’s something we can all get behind, especially in your bathroom.

Manufactured home bathroom with dark wood floor, black, white and pink granite style countertops, white cabinets, sinks, walls and mirror and silver faucets, with a vase of pink flowers on the counter

2. Stone

If you want a traditional style, then you can’t go wrong with the look of granite or quartz countertops. (And if you want to know the difference, granite is made from 100% stone, usually installed in slabs, while quartz is manufactured using ground quartz and a few other materials.) These types of countertops are typically multicolored in shades of brown, gray or cream but they can also include blue, green or red tones to coordinate with your cabinet color.

Manufactured home bathroom with medium wood style, stair step countertop, white porcelain raised sink, white cabinets, shiplap accent wall behind and galvanized metal mirrors.

3. Wood

Love farmhouse style and want to bring a warm, rustic touch to your home’s bathroom? Wood-style countertops do just that, and they look especially charming when they’re paired with shiplap accents and white cabinets. Plus, you’ll find the laminate version is a lot more durable and resistant to moisture and temperature changes!

71FFS27563AH FF561F Primary Bathroom 2020 July-001

4. Classic White

All-white countertops will help make your bathroom feel more like you’re staying at a spa or a fancy hotel, which is sure to give your morning routine a boost. And if you have dark wood cabinets, they also add some beautiful visual contrast and make a great starting point for the rest of your decor. This is a truly classic option!

91COR27624A Coronado Primary Bath Detail Pfister 2020-July 006 (1)

5. And Black

This brings us to our last, but not least, style. If you really want to add some drama to your bathroom, then you should consider black or dark colored countertops. It’ll make your space feel modern, and once again you can use them as a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your bathroom color palette, whether you go more minimalist or embrace maximalism.

Did you see a style of countertop that you want to add to your must-have features list for your new home? The exact styles can vary based on the home models you’re interested, your location and whether you want to make any upgrades or customizations. To see more about which options are available near you, you can check out our Inspiration page today.

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