Popular Bathroom Features in Clayton Homes

A white rustic bathroom with a soaker tub in the middle of the room in front of two large windows, a walk-in shower on the right and a dual vanity with a shiplap wall on the left.

Are you ready to soak up all the bathroom features Clayton’s homes have to offer? Discover your must-have amenities, like huge showers, sink vanities for two and more.

When you’re searching for the right home, shared common areas like the kitchen and living room tend to get a lot of focus because that’s where people are most likely to be. But you’re the one living in the home every day, so shouldn’t you have a primary suite complete with a spacious, beautiful bathroom to get ready or unwind in? In Clayton’s homes, you can find many popular bathroom features and designs that keep your daily routine and your style in mind.

And if you think luxury bathroom amenities are out of your budget, know they are available in many of our affordable Clayton models.

Here are five of our favorite bathroom details that you’ll find in some of our manufactured and modular homes.

Large Spa Showers

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According to a recent trends study from Houzz, a large percentage of bathroom renovations are to create a bigger shower. But you can find a large spa shower already included in many new Clayton homes, with no renovations needed. We have homes that offer showers that are so large they don't need a shower door, and they can even have two shower heads. Shower styles can vary depending on the home model, from walk-in, glass door, alcove, hidden and more.

Rainfall and detachable shower heads also remain popular features with a luxury feel, as well as built-in benches for relaxing or rinsing off. You may have to set your alarm earlier just to have more time to bask in the hot water.

And if you have accessibility needs, talk to your home center consultant about making changes to a home model. Some of the accessibility features we can offer specifically for bathrooms include shower seats, blocking in the wall for future support bars or including bars during construction.

Built-in Bathroom Storage

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We are huge believers in beautiful, functional design, and that definitely extends to the bathrooms of our homes. There are so many items to keep in there, from bath linens and toiletries to hair styling tools and personal touches like soothing candles. Our storage features can help you keep all of it organized.

Clayton bathrooms can include a range of storage solutions, like built-in drawers and cubbies, wall hooks, linen closets and cabinets, tub shelves and more. Everything you need in the bathroom will have a place so it’s within easy reach.

Double Sinks and Vanities

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Whether you’re sharing your primary bathroom with someone or enjoying it all to yourself, having your own counterspace and sink makes getting ready a lot easier. The majority of our primary bathrooms have dual sinks, and some home models even include a built-in middle or separate vanity to sit at.

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You can style your hair or go through your nighttime routine in comfort at the vanity with its own mirror. Plus, enjoy countertops, lighting and sinks in a variety of materials and designs.

Separate Soaking Tubs

eBuilt 34FSN28683AH23 Primary Bathroom 2023-August 21

There’s something reviving about taking a nice hot soak after a long day or when the temperature drops. Indulge with a separate or freestanding bathtub in the primary bathroom with Clayton’s bathtub options.

Ranging from alcove and drop-ins to garden and flat bottom, you’ll definitely want to break out the bubble bath and bath bombs. And don’t forget faucet styles. Some tubs feature details like a hand shower or telephone faucet.

Efficient Appliances and Hardware

52NTX28684B Angelina Primary Bath 2022 Feb 011

We also can’t forget to mention the features that make Clayton’s bathrooms so functional and beautiful. Our quality, modern bathrooms are built with trusted brands and materials. We use Rheem® dual element hybrid water heaters, which can combine gas or electricity with a heat pump, to heat water more efficiently and help you save on utility costs.

And that hot water flows through Pfister® faucets, a leader in quality plumbing products made to stand up to everyday use. Plus, those cabinets you’ll store all your toiletries and linens are designed by Durcraft®. Exclusive to Clayton, they have a durable and water-repellent outer surface, and come in the sleek finishes and stains Duracraft® is known for.

Want to soak up more of the gorgeous details in our bathrooms and more? Browse the Features section of our Studio blog and discover the details you’re sure to love in our homes, like kitchen islands, fireplaces and walk-in closets.

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