Why You Should Buy a Manufactured Home for Your Pet

Every pet lover and owner need space for their pets. What better reason to buy your first home than finding the perfect layout for your pet? With a manufactured home, get space, pet features and more.

Have you been looking for a good living option for your pet? Well, one reason a manufactured or modular Clayton Built® home is a great option for home buyers is because it is a fantastic option for pet owners! In fact, millennials are buying homes for their pets instead of spouses and children unlike other generations.

So, if you're considering homeownership for the first time and looking for reasons to buy your first home, look no further than your little furry babies. A manufactured or modular home is an affordable way to give both you and your pet a place you will be proud to call home. See why a manufactured or modular home is better for your pet than other options.

Consider the Costs

Let's get something straight first: Pets can absolutely live in an apartment, but it isn'talways the best living condition for them. You need space for pets to roam, especially larger pets like bigger breeds of dogs.

You can also expect a pet fee or pet deposit to be associated with your rent with most landlords, whether you rent an apartment or a house. On a one-year lease, 71% of pet owners surveyed by Rent.com stated they would expect to spend $200 or less on a pet deposit, but a third said they typically spend more than $200.

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Why a Home is Better for Your Pet

In a survey done by SunTrust, a third of millennial-aged Americans who bought their first home said that having more space or a yard for their pets affected their decision to buy a home. Many millennials who had never purchased a home also said that if they didn't already have a pet, the desire to have a pet affected their decision to buy a home.

So, if you're also looking for a spot to house your furry best friend, check out these reasons why a manufactured home is a great first home for you and your pet.

1. More space inside

A manufactured home is an affordable option to provide your pet with more space both inside your home and potentially outside in a yard, depending where your new manufactured home is located. A couple of reasons why pets want space include having a place to rest their head, better options for feeding areas and more.

2. Land to roam

Are you wondering why pets love being outside? It's because land gives your pet more places to explore and play! And buying a new manufactured home often means placing it on land with room for your pet to play. Also, if you are willing to let your pet be an outside pet, there is less risk of them damaging furniture and valuables indoors while you're at work.

3. A permanent place to call home

Moving your pet from rental space to rental space can be hard on both you and your pet. It takes a while for your pet to get used to a new space, and then if you decide not to stick with your lease, you both have to go through the moving process all over again. Buying a home can provide your pet just as much comfort and stability as it can provide you.

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How to Find a Good Home for Your Pet

Finding the right home for your pet can be tricky, but we have come up with a few tips to make it easier. Here are some ways to find the best manufactured home for you and your pet:

Look for homes without carpet

We all know our pets have accidents, and if it’s on the carpet, it can be difficult to clean. At Clayton, we have plenty of flooring options other than carpet that can help create the perfect space for your pet.

Check city and county code restrictions

Some cities and counties may have restrictions on the kinds of pets that are allowed in the area. This may help determine where you can live with your pet.

Consider home layouts for your pet

The floor plan of your home may also be an important factor when choosing the right new Clayton Built® home for you and your pet. Maybe you want an open floor plan for your pet to roam, or maybe you need a more closed floor plan so that you can have an easier time keeping track of where your pet is in the house. Talk to a home consultant about options that will best fit your needs.

Find the nearest pet services

When choosing land for your new manufactured home, consider how far pet food stores, veterinary clinics, groomers and other pet services are located.

Consider pet features

At Clayton, we offer convenient pet features to customize your home. Features like a pet grooming station, hideaway drawer for food and water, window seating, pet bed cubby and built-in pet storage are items you may want to help make your home feel like your pet's home. Check with your local home center to see which options may be available in the home you choose.

Give your pet happiness and freedom with a manufactured or modular home built for you both. No matter what kind of pet you have, Clayton has great models for you and your pet to call home. You can even learn how to get your home ready for your pet!

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