Log Cabin Style Homes

Need a mountain getaway? Check out these prefabricated log cabin homes!

If you have ever stayed in a cabin while vacationing and imaged how nice it would be to live in a cabin of your own, that dream can be a reality! With Clayton Homes, there are several ways to have the log cabin of your dreams.

What Is a Cabin Style?

Did you know there is a Log Cabin Day that celebrates this home style? The historical design of a log cabin was built with large wood timbers that were cut to stack on top of each other and sealed generally with mud¹. Log cabin style can be seen as bringing touches of nature to your home. Generally, log cabin styles feature wood timber frame work and may also feature wood accent interior².

The Cabin

Looking for a beautiful manufactured log home that is already laid out and designed for that warm cozy cabin feel? The Cabin by Clayton Homes features three bedrooms and two bathrooms in this 1,578 sq. ft. manufactured cabin. The wood accents can be seen throughout both the interior and exterior of the home. Building a site built cabin from scratch comes with a few hurdles such as picking out the wooden log material and cut design, which means limited contractors for each style and could get expensive². A prefabricated log cabin could save you time and money.

mobile home cabin

Prefab Log Cabin Style

prefabricated log cabin

43IMP45733AM model by Sehomes

If you want a manufactured home with cabin design elements, you may be able to customize your home to have the cabin inspired features you desire. Each Clayton Built® home has different siding options to choose from. There are many siding options available to  give that beautiful cabin look. For example, Norris Homes offers a Cemplank Lap Siding and a Vinyl Shake Siding in a variety of colors.

Much like The Cabin model, Clayton offers a variety of home models that resemble a cabin style home. The Avalyn features several elements that resemble cabin design. This model has a rustic, wood slated A-line ceiling as well as wood accents and brick design throughout the interior of the home. Wood style countertops are another way a touch of nature is brought into the home.

log cabin kitchen


 You can view homes online or visit your local home center to find a home with cabin features, or to talk about customizing a floor plan to meet your style.

Decorating Your Log Cabin

Cabin décor is often a unique look that can be easier to find than you might imagine. If you are going for a natural look, there are a lot of things you can find just right outside your door that will help bring cabin style to your home. Here are some cabin decor tips:

  • A decorative wooden bowl filled with pinecones, acorns, and other tree nuts can make a great table decoration that adds an earthy feel³.
  • Pull in items that fit mountain themes and animals, such as kitchen towels with bears on them, but at a limited amount so that the décor does not feel cluttered⁴.
  • Use quilts in seating areas to enhance the warm cozy cabin feeling³.
  • Find resale items, such as rustic antique furniture and art work⁵
  • If your cabin has a lot of wood accents inside, try using some lighter colors like beige and cream to help reflect as much natural light as possible⁴.

A prefabricated log cabin can provide your family the perfect retreat for an affordable price. Clayton has several home styles to choose with customization options to fit your needs. Shop around and save your favorite home styles online with our Favorites account!

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