Home Care Guide: How To Take Care of Your Appliances

Home Care Guide: How To Take Care of Your Manufactured Home Appliances

Every part of your new manufactured or modular home will need to be maintained in order to keep working properly, including your appliances. Check out this post for maintenance tips.

Your Clayton Built® manufactured or modular home may have numerous appliances. In the kitchen alone, you may have a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher. Other appliances in your home may include a washer, dryer, water heater and your HVAC system. The appliances in your home need regular care just like the other parts of your home.


Your appliances will need to be checked often, as recommended, and different appliances may need to be checked more often than others based on the manufacturer's instructions.

As a rule of thumb, follow this schedule for checking the appliances in your home:

Once a Year

  1. Have the furnace and HVAC system checked by a professional.
  2. Check crossover connections and consult a professional to see if you need any repairs.

Twice a Year

  1. Check the dryer vent exhaust line inside and outside for obstructions. Clean the vent as necessary.
  2. Check the AC drain line to make sure it is free of debris and is draining properly.

Every Month

  1. If you have a range hood in your kitchen, clean the filter.
  2. Clean and/or replace filters for your furnace and air conditioner.
  3. Check the air conditioner A-coils to ensure they aren't covered with corrosion or dust. The A-coil, also known as the evaporator coil, is in charge of heat transfer for your system.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system will also need some extra routine maintenance to make sure it continues to work properly throughout the year. You can check to make sure the HVAC system is properly functioning by doing the following:

  • Check the connections of crossover ducts to make sure they are air tight.
  • Inspect for holes, leaks and damage caused by animals under the home.
  • If there is moisture inside the outer protective wrapper or any of the other problems stated above occur, they must be resolved as soon as possible to minimize moisture-related damage to your home.

Any service on your HVAC system should be performed by a qualified service technician. Calling a professional to help will make sure that your HVAC system is serviced properly.

Checking the Vent Exhaust Line for Blockage

We recommend checking the vent exhaust line on your dryer from the inside and the outside of your home for blockages at least twice a year. It should also be cleaned as needed to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Man cleaning the stovetop range in the kitchen of a mobile home

Cleaning Your Stovetop Range

Remember, if you have a hood over the range in your kitchen, clean the filter once a month.

B cleaning any stovetop, make sure the entire range is off and no longer producing any heat. There are different ways to clean gas and electric stovetops, but you should always refer to the manufacturer's manual of the stove to learn how to clean the stove properly.

Basic maintenance is the same for each stove type. You can maintain your stove by wiping it down after every time you cook. Make sure the stove is completely off and that it is no longer producing any heat before you wipe it down.

Kitchen Appliance Warranties

Each appliance unit in your kitchen should have a specific manual that will have all the information you need for it. Your Clayton limited home warranty will not cover your appliances; however, some appliance manufacturers may have separate warranties you can sign up for each individual appliance. Contact the manufacturer for each appliance of your home when you move into your home to see if they have a warranty you can pay for.

You should contact the manufacturer directly if you have any concern about an appliance. There should also be a contact number or website in the manual or on a DVD in the house pack you receive when you move into your new home. The manufacturer of the appliance should be up to date with your warranty information and able to help you.

Along with maintaining your home appliances, we have more Home Care Tips for inside and outside your Clayton Built® home to help you stay on top of home maintenance.

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