Getting Your Decor Ready for The New Year

Gray toned chair with white pillow that says ‘let’s stay home’ in gray lettering.

It’s upon us once again, the new year. This is a time for resolutions, and the Clayton Built® team is ready to help. Here’s some quick tips on transforming your home decor into something that reflects your goals for the new year.

Once all the holiday gatherings have taken place and we ring in the new year, the next task is to take down all of your seasonal decorations. This is a great time to start thinking about redecorating, transitioning your winter home decor and getting excited about the process! After all, your home is your own slice of the world to customize to reflect your style and flair.

Orange, plum and black decorative pillows on a white couch.

Start Small

Start gathering ideas for new decor looks. Find one or two items that you want to center your redesign around; for example, it could be an area rug or throw pillow that has a beautiful pattern and color.

These kinds of items give you a chance to start building a look without investing too much into the project. Be cautious when decorating with small items though, and make sure you are choosing quality over quantity, because these can quickly overtake your home.

Modern living room with yellow accent chairs and touches of blue throughout the room.

Add New Pieces and Design from There

If you want to freshen your living room and don’t want to part with some of your larger purchases such as sofas and tables, opt for a new set of lamps or an accent chair. Purchases like this can completely change the style direction of your room.

Add a dramatic piece of art on your foyer wall to bring some dimension to your space. Adding large mirrors is also a great way to make your rooms seem bigger.

What’s a better way to decorate than with the beauty of nature itself? Decorating with large houseplants is very in right now if you have a green thumb, and if not, use faux plants to bring the outdoors in.

Living area of Clayton Built® home with blue accent wall and green tray ceiling.

Play with Color and Texture

Think about rosy pink, light blue, sea green, emerald or light gray as accents -- they are trending colors right now and are easy to find in all kinds of items.

If your favorite color is on a decorative pillow you have, take it to a local paint store and have it matched. Buy one quart of paint in that shade and paint an entry wall that will lead into your living room. If your favorite color is a strong or deep color, then my best advice is to think of it as seasoning. Start out light and keep adding to it as you develop your unique taste!

If bright and bold isn’t your style, try something shiny! Gold, silver and bronze can really add a touch of elegance to your home. Or, add texture to your home with wood or slate-look wall coverings and panels.

After the first of the year and before tax season is when furniture stores run their best sales and financing offers, so the time to shop is now. This home is yours to make your own, so have fun with it!

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