3 Winter Decor Themes for After the Holidays

Don't get the holiday blahs when you take down decorations. Instead, create a winter wonderland with these 3 post-holiday decor theme ideas!

You don't have to wait until Easter or the beginning of spring to redecorate and fill your home with a new touch of style.

1. Cozy Cabin

A great way to create a winter escape without screaming Christmas is creating a rustic, cozy cabin tone in your home! It's easy to create a cabin feel by bringing natural pieces in and mixing them with red plaids and classic colors like white, navy, brown and green!

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You can mix wood, fur and chunky knit textures together to create a homey feel as long as you keep a classic and natural color theme!

Throwing in animal accents like a buck profile or a caribou pillow creates a cozy forest retreat tone. The cabin look can be achieved my mixing natural textures and colors to create a classic winter retreat design!

Add greens and reds to rooms heavy with earthy colors to draw attention to different favorite pieces.

For example, set up red candles around family pictures or weave a garland of greenery around heirloom pieces on the mantle to incorporate your favorite family decorations into your cabin design!

Christmas Porch Lifestyle 2019 -9

Accent Ideas:

  • Greenery
  • Rich red tones
  • Plaids (reds, greens and navies)
  • Pinecones
  • Natural wood pieces
  • Forest animals like moose, bears, owls and foxes
  • Deer heads or antlers
  • Furs rugs or blankets

2. Bright and Beautiful

Sleek, Nordic interiors seem to be trending this year and it's incredibly easy to design a cozy winter room with bright, light accents from Christmas!

Christmas Decor 4 Styles Scandanavian 2018-16

Using pops of gold with the natural greenery gives you a glittering winter feel without creating exclusively Christmas decor!

And of course, you can't go wrong by mixing pine accents in with crisp white pieces like in your plates and table settings! The snowy, wintry feel lets you enjoy the season even once the holidays pass.

Accent Ideas:

  • White and cream tones
  • Silver or gold rimmed/trimmed accents
  • Glittering accents like hanging stars and throw pillows
  • Neutral candles and candleholders
  • Birch and other light wood pieces
  • Neutral knit blankets and throws
  • Pops of pine and greenery

3. Rich Jewel Tone Pops

Winter is a great time to embrace rich jewel tones. As you put away the Christmas tree and ornaments, you don’t have to lose the celebratory feel of the holidays!

Keep deep plum, emerald, fuschia, sapphire and teal tones around. It can be as simple as rich pops of color with candles. When you mix deep jewel hues with leftover greenery, you’ll get a rich, ritzy interior!

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Accent Ideas:

  • Jewel tone throw pillows
  • Jewel tone candles (like deep purple Advent candles)
  • Lush velvet textured throws, blankets and pillows
  • Jewel tone plates and cups
  • Pine branches and greenery
  • Jewel tone lamps or lampshades
  • Snowflake accents
  • Silver or gold rimmed/trimmed pieces

Any one of these decor themes can help you transition from Christmas style to winter style!




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