Home Care Guide: What You Need to Know About Clayton Home Warranties

Home Care Guide: What You Need to Know About Clayton Home Warranties

Learn everything you need to know about your Clayton home warranty.

What is the Clayton Home Warranty?

We pride ourselves on delivering manufactured homes that are not only affordable and comfortable but also durable to last a lifetime. To further fulfill our mission to deliver long-lasting housing, we provide a one-year manufacturer's standard new home warranty that ensures your home lives up to our standards as a home builder.

As a manufactured housing company, we follow HUD Code manufactured home construction requirements to ensure that your manufactured home is quality built. If you purchase a Clayton Built® single or multi-section manufactured home, we use the HUD Code requirements to form our standard manufacturer's one-year limited warranty to ensure the durability of your home. Be sure to review the terms of your warranty for coverage exclusions when you purchase your new home.

The Clayton manufactured home warranty confirms that the home' structure, plumbing, heating and electrical systems, and all appliances and equipment installed by the manufacturer, are free of manufacturing defects in material or workmanship. This means that the home should be built to comply with applicable building codes.

Your warranty typically begins on the date the home is installed on your property. Our standard limited warranty lasts for one year, which is the applicable period for you to make a request on your home for any damages or concerns that are covered under the warranty. Fill out your warranty cards and send them to the home center where you purchased your home as soon as you move in your home.


How Long is My Clayton Home Under Warranty?

All of our Clayton Built® manufactured and modular homes come with the standard one-year limited warranty, meaning your home will be covered for one year starting on the day your home is installed, subject to any applicable exclusions. You will also have time to report anything covered by your warranty for up to 15 days after the applicable warranty period.

However, depending on which home building facility built your home and which home center you purchased it from, different new home warranty options may be available. Some home centers may offer extended warranties through outside companies. Some of our home building facilities and home centers even offer 5-year or 10-year extended warranties that are specific to homes built at that facility and can be purchased at an additional cost with your home.

If you are interested in an extended warranty, talk to your home center to see if it is something offered by the home building facility where your home will be built.

What is a Warranty Card?

A warranty card is a piece of paper that documents important information regarding your home warranty. You will use this card to register when your Clayton home warranty begins, your contact information, home address, the retailer from which you bought your home, manufacture date, model number, wind zone, roof load zone and more.

It is important to fill out your warranty card so that you can be sure all of the proper information is documented about your home in case you ever need to file a warranty claim.

How Do I Register My Manufactured Home Warranty?

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To register your warranty cards, you will need to work with your home center to fill out the information and get them sent in to the manufacturer of your home. Registering your warranty card will ensure that your home warranty has all of the proper information listed with it. You should do this as soon as you move into your home. You can follow these steps to register your home under warranty.

  1. The home center where you bought your home should mail in one of the cards
  2. We recommend that you, the homeowner, also fill out and mail in a warranty card
  3. Once you have mailed it in, your home will be registered under the Limited One-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

The warranty cards can be found in the front of the Homeowner's Manual that you receive when you move into your new home. You'll use one of these cards, as seen below, to register your home under the one-year warranty.

What is Covered Under the Clayton Home Warranty?

The Clayton one-year standard manufacturer's warranty will cover several types of defects in your home.

Your home warranty will cover the following items, subject to the exclusions stated in the warranty:

  • A defect that was present at the time it was manufactured. If the home building facility is provided with written notice of that defect during the limited warranty period (the first year) and the defect is covered by the limited warranty, the home building facility will repair or replace the component in which the defect appears.
  • Defects in material or workmanship of the home, including the structure, plumbing, heating and electrical systems and all appliances and equipment installed by the manufacturer of the home

Items not covered under the Clayton limited warranty:

  • Accessories such as sheds, awnings, carports, etc. that are constructed by third parties.
  • Additional structures that are attached to the home such as decks and porches.
  • Normal deterioration due to wear and exposure.
  • Abuse, negligence, misuse, accidents, or natural disasters.

There are often manufacturer's warranties included for appliances. You should properly and separately register your appliances with the manufacturer of the appliance so they are covered in case there's a malfunction with your appliances.

Because we want our customers to be fully satisfied, we also will cover cosmetic damages or imperfections in your Clayton Built® home should they be present at the time the home is delivered to you. Cosmetic damage is not covered by the limited warranty - this would be in addition to the standard warranty. All you have to do is make sure you report any cosmetic damage within the first 30 days after installation. Cosmetic damages that we cover include small scuffs and nicks on the interior or exterior and trim damage that are the result of a manufacturing flaw.

How to Complete a Warranty Request

Once you're in your manufactured or modular home, it is important to maintain your home so that it stays in the best possible condition. Paying attention to the condition of your home allows you to enjoy and preserve its beauty for a lifetime. If you find something that requires repair in your home that is under the one-year warranty, you can request a warranty service call to schedule the repairs you need.

Who do I call to make a warranty request? - If you need to make a warranty request for your home, call your local home center from which you bought your home. Any of our friendly home consultants can gladly help you file the repair request you wish to make on your manufactured or modular home. Tell your home consultant the home repair that you need, and they will determine whether they may be able to schedule a service call for you depending on what the request is and the limits of your warranty. If your service request is an emergency, it will be taken care of in the timeliest manner possible.

How do I make a warranty request for an appliance in my home? - If your warranty request concerns an appliance, such as a dishwasher or oven, defects in installation are covered under your limited one-year new home warranty that you receive for your home. Because your warranty coverage is limited to defects resulting from improper installation by the manufacturer, you should contact the appliance manufacturer directly regarding any damage to the appliance - the damage may be covered by the appliance manufacturer's warranty, which is separate from your home warranty. The manufacturer of your appliance should have your warranty information on file if you sent in the warranty card to that manufacturer.

If you have any questions regarding your manufactured or modular home warranty with Clayton, you can talk to the home center where you purchased your home. A home center consultant can help you review your home warranty and answer questions you may have regarding coverage.

One of the best ways to keep your home and appliances in great shape is through regular home maintenance. Check out our Home Care Guide tips for ways to stay of top of home maintenance.

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