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Organize Your Life: Tackling Laundry and Mud Rooms

Need some ideas to organize your laundry room? Check out these tips for ways to make your laundry room more functional!

Taking advantage of space is important when it comes to the laundry room. It seems like we spend so much time sorting, loading, unloading and folding, so why not make it a place you enjoy being in?

Check out these tips for a functional, inviting, multipurpose laundry room that you will love!

Make it easy on yourself and your family.

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There's always one person in the house that comes into the laundry room with a heap of dirty clothes and tosses them on the floor, leaving them for the laundry fairy to put into the washer. To prevent this annoyance, try placing color coordinated hampers right by the washing machine. By having a designated bin for colors, whites and towels, it can’t get any easier!

Hang things up that you use often, but not every day.

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Things like washboards, extra hangers and ironing boards can be hung on nails on the wall or on racks hung over the washing machine. This keeps them out of the way during your everyday use, but still close by in case you need them!

Don't make it a dumping ground for clutter.

Patriot Utility 01

A small space like the laundry room can be quickly overrun with clutter if you're not careful! Try to keep piles of laundry confined (see tip number one!) and keep a basket or box for miscellaneous items. That way, when someone's soccer cleats or lunchbox get tossed into the laundry room, they've got a place to go until they make their way back to where they belong. This prevents the clutter from piling up!

Make it a place for your pets to call home!

home pet features

Many Clayton Built® homes offer amazing pet features for your furry friends! From built-in food and water bowls to pet cubbies and washing stations, there's something for every pup! These features make the perfect addition to your laundry or mud room.

Design it in a way that makes you want to fold your laundry!

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While no one really wants to spend more time in their laundry room, we can at least make the time we have to spend in there somewhat pleasant, right? Add things like fresh flowers or a sign that makes you smile. Choose a color palette that relaxes you. It'll make the laundry feel a bit more glamorous... well, maybe. Whether the laundry room houses your arch nemesis (grass stains and dirty socks) or it's your hiding place (from the craziness of kids and pets), it should be a place you feel relaxed. So, grab those baskets, hang up those boards and start adding the special touches that will make your laundry room feel like a part of your home.


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