20 Questions to Help You Pick the Perfect Home

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Looking for the home of your dreams, but overwhelmed by the choices? We’ll help you ask the right questions so you can find the manufactured home that fits your needs without compromising on the comforts you want.

Buying a home is an important commitment. But it can also feel overwhelming, especially if it’s your first home purchase. If you want to alleviate your stress, research different features and options can be a great way to prepare yourself. While you’re researching, you’ll be able to formulate questions that will lead to you being better informed for your home purchase.

While it’s tempting to start home shopping and dreaming, you’ll want to have a clear idea of your needs and budget first. Once you’ve got your list of essentials down, you can start with a list of amenities and additional features you would like to have in your new home.

One of the many perks of manufactured housing is that there are a variety of home styles and options to choose from. We’ll help you navigate questions that will direct you toward the best options for you.

By thinking about these questions before visiting your local home center, you’ll have a better idea of what type of home you’re looking for, and home consultants can show you homes similar to what your list describes. Here’s 20 questions to help you get started:

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General Home Buying Questions

  1. How much can you comfortably spend on a home, according to your budget? Calculate your down payment range, and plan for any closing costs or fees. Also estimate utilities as much as possible, and consider other possible costs like property taxes, routine maintenance or insurance.

  2. What are your financing options? Consider current interest rates as well as the different loan options you may want to look into. It’s also a good idea to gather all your financial documents.

  3. Where will your home be located? If you’ve already purchased or plan to purchase land, you may want to research a little about home site preparation, moving and set up if you’re not already familiar. Also consider any land improvements you may need to plan for, like having a driveway installed. Your local home center consultant will also be able to answer questions about your specific situation.

  4. What size home do you need? Think through the number of rooms and square footage.

  5. Would you prefer a traditional floor plan or a more modern, open floor plan?

  6. Should the primary bedroom and other bedrooms be in separate parts of the house?

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For The Interior of Your Home

  1. What type of flooring do you want? Many of our homes include carpet or vinyl options.

  2. Do you need storage space? If so, how much, and what type?

  3. What bathroom layouts do you like best? Do you need a bath and shower combo?

  4. Do you need a laundry or mudroom? How big does it need to be?

  5. What features do you need in your kitchen, like an island or pantry?

  6. Would you like a place with an additional living space like a family room or a den?

  7. What type of interior walls are you looking for? Drywall or paneling?

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For The Exterior

  1. Do you want a porch, patio or deck? Many of our models include different porch features, and a patio or deck can often be added once your home is complete.

  2. What about a garage or carport? Some Clayton home models include attached garage options, and your local home center can also help you learn more about detached garages.

  3. What types and colors of siding would you consider for the exterior?

  4. Are you looking for an elevated roof pitch?

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Additional Home Feature Questions

  1. Are you interested in any specific upgrade or customization options? If so, talk to your local home center!

  2. What energy efficient features are important to you?

  3. Do you need a flex space for a home office, gym or playroom?

Starting your home buying journey with answers to some of these questions will help save you time and stress by giving you a good starting point for your search. It will also help you find a home that fits as many of your needs and wants as possible.

We hope this list of questions helps you decide what’s important to you, and helps you form some of your own important questions. Want a closer look at our homes? Visit your local home center and see these fabulous features in action!

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