Tiny Home Features in Clayton Built® Homes

Person sitting in the living room of their manufactured home.

From maximizing your space to adding beautiful and unique design elements, check out how the Clayton Built® team incorporates tiny home features into our manufactured and modular homes!

If you’re like me, then you’ve noticed the rise of tiny home living over the past few years. More people are looking for homes under 1,000 square feet so they can have a minimalist lifestyle that allows them the flexibility to only keep what they need. But, why are these smaller houses are so popular?

Aside from the fact that smaller homes can be easier to maintain, they also allow you to have a simple and cozy area without the extra fluff and frills. The Clayton Built® team wanted to provide our homebuyers with beautiful and affordable home options that also have the trendy tiny home details you’re looking for. But, these features aren’t just for the looks.

Our team also wanted to create homes that are filled with space saving features. This way, you can have the square footage you want with features that allow you to maximize the space you have. Want to know more about what these features are? Let’s take a look.

Sliding Barn Doors

A primary bathroom entryway with white sliding barn doors.

Sliding barn doors are great in a home for so many reasons. Not only do they add a rustic, multi-dimensional feel to a room, but they are one of the best space saving features in a home. Traditional doors require more square footage to open and close, which can prevent you from maximizing your floor space. Sliding doors allow you to place items such as a chair or table in front of the door without restricting its movement. Not to mention it adds a gorgeous and natural feel to any room, especially if you’re going for the farmhouse look.

Floor to Ceiling Storage

An open entryway with floor to ceiling white cabinets and natural wood features.

This one is pretty simple, but SO handy to have! Storage is a must in every home, but why stop at waist-high cabinets? The Clayton Built® team wants to maximize your space in every area of your home, and that means floor to ceiling storage. By having more cabinets, there’s no longer a need to break the bank on expensive decorative baskets or other storage options to display your personal items. Cabinets allow you to organize your things in a consistent manner, all while having the ability to close the cabinet doors, leaving a tidy and sleek look on the outside.

Built-in Entertainment Center

A built-in entertainment center with dark stained wood, cabinets and shelving.

Having a built-in entertainment center is great for so many reasons. Entertainment centers can be expensive and it’s often difficult to find an entertainment center that perfectly matches the rest of your home and ties your living room together. The Clayton Design Center carefully crafts the perfect entertainment center for many Clayton Built® homes by incorporating features like natural wood grains or stone pieces to create the perfect centerpiece for your living room.

But, enough about looks! Let’s talk functionality. Many Clayton Built® entertainment centers are equipped with storage compartments or cabinets, giving you plenty of storage capabilities for your living room. In many Clayton home models, entertainment centers are also customizable. These customization options may allow you to add additional storage areas, shelving and lighting!

Entryway Mudroom

An entryway mudroom with built-in cabinets, shelving and natural wood.

Mudrooms are one of the latest must-have feature in modern homes. Often, entryway space is wasted with empty walls or small foyer tables. The Clayton Built® teams helps you maximize this area by giving you a feature that can be used every day, all while keeping your home organized and stylish. Having a mudroom in your entryway gives you a place to neatly tuck away frequently used items like shoes, jackets and keys. A once difficult to decorate area is now a stunning statement piece with details like natural wood and built-in shelving.

Glass Partition Walls

The Churchill home model with a large glass window behind a kitchen table.

We all know that small spaces can seem even smaller if you have cramped hallways or closed-in areas. One of our favorite ways to give a small space dimension is by adding partition walls. When traditional walls are replaced with a windowed area or glass, the room becomes brighter and more open by allowing more natural light throughout the home. These partition walls also create the feel of an open floor plan, while still giving you segmented areas in your home where needed.

The Clayton Built® team never stops working toward creating homes you’ll love with features you never knew you needed. Are you wondering where you can find homes available near you with these tiny home inspired features? Look no further, and find a home with us today!

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