Social Responsibility

The Clayton Epic Series - Delivering Stylish Housing with Attainability in Mind

January 28, 2022

Clayton strives to develop housing innovations that improve lives and that means constantly striving to develop homes that are stylish and attainable. Democratizing attainable homeownership has become a social responsibility as the need for affordable housing has increased and the price of a new construction home has risen to around $380,000 nationwide. Manufactured housing can provide multiple solutions to this affordable housing problem. One of our innovative answers to this crisis is the Clayton Epic Series.

The Epic Series provides our home buyers with an attainable home option that is built with quality features, durability and sustainability in mind. At the beginning of this series development, we worked with our Clayton Design team to customize each home floor plan to be stylish, functional and customized based on customer feedback. Thanks to this process, the Epic Series includes leading home brands to ensure these homes are equipped with durable and trusted products such as stainless steel Frigidaire® appliances, Kwikset® door hardware, ecobee smart thermostats® and DuraCraft® cabinets.

All the features and floor plans were made standard in the series and this series was adopted at several building facilities across the country. This standardization quickens build times and allows us to be even more efficient with our building materials.

Everyone deserves a chance at home ownership and the Epic Series provides a collection of stylish homes that can accommodate families of any size for an affordable price. When more people can achieve the dream of homeownership, that opens the door for a better life for homeowners and the communities where they live and work.

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