Let’s Get Moving: Tips for Moving Into Your New Home

Labeled moving boxes sitting in a room of a manufactured home

Looking for all the moving tips? Well, you’re in luck because we happen to have a whole checklist with ways to help you prepare, pack and unpack.

You found your dream home, you’ve been through the home buying process and now it’s time to get ready for the big day… Moving Day! This is such an exciting time in your life and moving day will be the first of many memories made in your new home. But there’s a lot to be done, and probably some things you haven’t thought of yet. No worries, we know just what you need to get prepared for a successful and smooth move into your new home sweet home.

What to Do Before You Move

When you think of moving, your first thoughts might be focused on packing and the logistics of the move, but there are a few other important tasks that you need to get taken care of outside of all the packing, such as:

A woman sitting on a couch packing up fragile items in her home.

Packing to Move Checklist

Now you’re ready for the packing party. Oh, it’s going be a party all right. And just like an actual party, planning is involved. After all, you’re just packing up everything you own. But don’t stress, you can do this, and we’re here to help with this guide. So, pour some coffee, turn on your favorite music or a new podcast and let’s get packing!

Know What to Pack First and Last Packing up an entire home is not a task you want to attempt in one day. On the flip side, if you start packing too soon, you may find yourself opening boxes you already packed because you need something. So realistically, the majority of your packing should be done 5-7 days before moving day. To help make packing a little easier and more time efficient, here are a few helpful tips:

  • As soon as you know you are going to be moving, start packing up items in your home that you know you will not be using, like seasonal items. If it’s summertime, you could start packing up winter items a month before moving and have those set aside, ready to go. This will help you maximize your packing time during that week where most of the packing will be done.
  • Consider what items you will need on the last days before you move and make sure to keep those items out. Think of it as if you were packing for a weekend trip – figure out what items will you need on the final days such as picking out outfits to wear, toiletries, a few cooking items, etc. and have them set aside. So essentially, plan ahead for meals and what everyone will wear.
  • If you have luggage in your home, you can use the luggage to pack items in. You will be taking the luggage with you anyway, so why not utilize the space inside? Luggage is a great place to pack shoes.
  • If you have dresser drawers that you are also moving to your new home, instead of taking all of the clothes out and packing them in boxes, you can leave the clothes in the drawers and just remove the drawers from the dresser. You can then load up the dresser without the drawers in it and transport each drawer with the clothes in them. This will save you a tremendous amount of time on both packing and unpacking.

Declutter as You Pack As you start packing up your belongings to move, you’re going to come across items that you haven’t seen in a long time. Now is a great time to declutter by determine if you want to hang on to that serving dish shaped like a swan that you got as a gift 5 years ago or those shoes you bought that turned out to be so uncomfortable they now reside in the back of your closet. Have a few boxes set aside for donations that you can drop off before you move. That is less stuff to unpack and find a place for in your new home.

Pack Room by Room
Tackle one room at a time and label all the boxes for that room by writing the room name along with a brief list of items in that box. For example: If you are packing up your kitchen, you might have a box that says “Kitchen – toaster, coffee maker, dish towels.” Let’s face it, you’re probably going to want to locate that box with the coffee maker in it pretty quickly to help you get through the unpacking stage. On moving day, it will be helpful to have boxes loaded up room by room as well. This will help you as you unload boxes and begin placing them into the rooms they belong.

As you start unpacking boxes, this is a great time for a fresh start on organization! You can start with these tips on maximizing your closet space and check out our other tips on organization room by room to help you get organized and settled in.

A child’s bedroom in a manufactured home with colorful décor.

Helping Your Kids Move into a New Home

If you are a parent, I’m sure you and your child are sharing the excitement of moving into a new home. Talk about their new room and all the fun times you’re going to have. It’s also important to remember that kids can sometimes have the hardest adjustment to moving, especially if they haven’t moved before. Helping them feel comfortable and excited about the move will help their transition. Here are a few tips that will help your child move into your new home with ease:

  • Let your child be involved with packing their room and explaining to them that all of the items will be going with them to the child’s new bedroom. This can help reassure your child that their items are safe and won’t be left behind or lost. When it comes to a child’s bedroom, you may want to wait until you are unpacking to create piles of items to donate just to avoid the possibility of your child asking for an item that was donated before the move and fearing that something got left behind.
  • Take a tour of your new home before you move in. If the home center has a display model of the home you purchased, you could walk through the home model and talk with your child about all the exciting spaces in the new home. Let your child see which room will be theirs.
  • On moving day, it could help your child to have a favorite toy or stuffed animal that is not packed to take along on the moving trip. As you are unpacking, consider completely unpacking the child’s room first.
  • Your child may like the idea of giving their room a new look by setting up the furniture differently in their new room, but for some children, they may want to have their new room look similar to the setup of their previous room. Talking to your child about what would feel most comfortable will help you know which direction to go.
  • The first few nights in a new home can seem a bit different at first for a child as they may not be familiar with the layout of the home yet. Having a nightlight on down the hall could help them if they get up during the night.

A man and dog sitting in the living room of The Laney Clayton Built Home

Moving Tips for Your Pets

For all the parents of fur babies, they’re an important part of your move, too. If your pet tends to get nervous when you start packing for a trip, imagine how nervous they might get if you start packing… well, everything. As you’re packing, try to recognize if your pet seems to be getting anxious and take time to do some of your normal day-to-day things with them. You could probably use a breather from all the packing so it could be beneficial for both of you.

On moving day, your pet will be excited to take a tour and check out any pet features in your new Clayton Built® home! Also, we have some helpful tips on how to help your pet move into your new home to help make your pet’s transition purr-fect!

With all these tips and tricks for a successful moving day, you and your family will be settling into your new home and the first of many new memories together will be made on that big day. And this is just the beginning.

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