Modular Home Myths

Modular Home Myths

There are many myths about modular homes. Read this article to see which modular home myths we have debunked!

There are countless myths in the home building industry, especially when it comes to modular homes, which are also known as prefab homes. Over the years, prefabricated homes have had a stigma regarding their appearance and quality. However, most myths about modular homes are not true.

 Some home buyers ask, “Are modular homes stronger than traditional homes?” or “Do modular homes depreciate in value?”

Whether this is your first home buying experience or your tenth, it is important to have as much information as possible, so here are a few common myths that modular home buyers should know the truth about.

MYTH: “Modular home” is just another way of saying “mobile home”:

Oftentimes, people believe that mobile and modular homes are the same because they are both prefabricated homes; however, that is NOT true. There are actually numerous differences between a modular home and a mobile home. Clayton Built® modular homes are built to conform to all local, state and/or regional codes for the location of the home, whereas manufactured homes are built to HUD Code.  And though it is technically possible to move modular homes, they are still different from mobile homes due to the different building code standards to which they are built.   

MYTH: Modular homes look “cheap”:

The external look of a home can be one of the main factors considered in whether or not someone buys that home. Through word of mouth, you may hear “modular homes look cheap” or “modular buildings are ugly,” but the truth is that most modular homes look similar to a site built home.¹ Check out the 2928 Oakwood modular home to see how beautiful these homes can really be.

MYTH: Modular homes always depreciate in value:

The thought that modular homes always depreciate in value is quite common, discouraging many home buyers from buying modular homes over the years, but this too is not always true. Like a site built home, the appreciation of a prefabricated home depends on aspects such as the condition of the home, features of the home, the home’s location and the amenities in the area, as well as the supply and demand in the housing market. Modular homes can be a great investment for the future and provide an option to sell if you decide to move.

MYTH: Modular homes don’t last:

It’s simple, if home buyers don’t believe that a home is going to be durable, they’re not going to buy it. That’s why strength and durability are two of the qualities that Clayton home builders focus on when constructing prefabricated homes. Since Clayton Built® modular homes are built to industry standards and are built to last, it’s clear that this myth is also false.

With that being said, researching myths about all prefabricated housing, including myths about manufactured homes, as well as modular homes is important. You can learn more about all prefabricated homes topics on our Clayton Studio blog.

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