How Long Does It Take to Build a Manufactured Home?

Two team members work to assemble wall of manufactured home inside a home building facility.

Once you’ve found your dream Clayton home, learn how long it usually takes to build it and why that may vary based on the home’s features or where it’s being built.

At Clayton, we use a streamlined building process – including our own internal supply chain, Clayton Supply – to help us ensure our homes are constructed as efficiently as possible. We build our manufactured and modular homes indoors in our home building facilities, which leads to more control over the quality materials we use and fewer delays from factors like bad weather.

This means most of our home building facilities can complete an off-site built home in just one day. However, there are several different factors that can affect how long the entire home construction process may take, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Team member works inside the kitchen of a manufactured home being constructed in a home building facility.

What Features Does the Home Have?

One of the benefits of our streamlined building process is that when we build our homes with standard features, our builders can do so more quickly because there is less variance in the building process. If you choose a Clayton home with several customization options, such as adding a fireplace or patio doors, it may take the home building facility slightly longer to construct your home and add those additional features.

If you want to learn more about what customization and upgrade options may available in the home models you’re interested in, you can check out our Find a Home page to see homes that are available near your or talk to your local home center if you’re already considering purchasing a specific home.

Female home center consultant talks to couple outside at home center, with fall trees and manufactured home in the background behind them.

Which Facility is Building the Home?

Once you have signed the purchase and sales agreement for your new Clayton home, the home building facility will then begin constructing it. Which facility will be building your home will depend on the home center you work with. However, the amount of time it takes for your home to be completed after you purchase it can vary based on the number of orders the facility has received from the home centers it builds for. While it may take only a few days to build your home, the facility may also have received other orders ahead of yours and be in the process of completing those homes before it is able to build yours.

This means the facility may not begin the process of building your home for somewhere between 5 weeks and several months. Your local home center can help keep you updated as you also consider any necessary home site preparation tasks or land improvement options you may need to take care of while your home is being built.

Helping the Process go Smoothly

There are a few other steps you can take to get into your new home more quickly, such as being preapproved by a lender of your choice and having any necessary financial documentation ready to go. You could also consider buying a manufactured or modular home that is already built and at a home center near you. This is often a good option if you already have land for your home. You can contact home centers near you for more information about which home models they may have currently available.

A Clayton home combines style, quality and affordability, making it a wonderful choice for you and your family. Ready to learn more about everything that goes into building one of our homes? On our Clayton Studio blog, you can read about everything from the different products and materials we use to more about the history and trends of the off-site built housing industry.

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