I Am Clayton: Home Center Manager Has Passion for Helping Homeowners

I am Clayton: Bryant Moss Hero

Bryant Moss, the home center manager of Oakwood Homes of Fletcher, walks us through his journey at Clayton and why helping customers achieve homeownership means so much to him.

Bryant began his journey as a Clayton team member at the age of 19. After taking a break to pursue a few other career opportunities, he returned to Clayton. Now, for the last 13 years, he’s been pursuing his calling of making customers’ dreams of homeownership come true.

As a home center manager, Bryant thrives on wearing multiple hats, keeping each day exciting. However, one thing remains constant: his love of talking with customers. Bryant always looks forward to seeing a customer walk in, especially a first-time homeowner, and strives to make sure his customers feel part of the Clayton family.

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It Means More

Bryant says he’s chosen specifically to work directly with customers on the retail side of Clayton because of his personal experience seeing the benefits of homeownership. Growing up, Bryant was raised by his mother, and they went through difficulties during that time.

“The home that we rented at one point didn’t have HVAC or a bathroom; it was pretty tough,” he said. “And my mom just did not know how and what the steps were in order to become a homeowner, and how to buy a house.”

Seeing his mother get approved for her first home resonated with him and motivated him to want to pass the keys to others by helping them become homeowners. He’s able to connect on a personal level with his customers and bring his understanding to the home buying process. This means when someone visits the home center, they’re able to sit down and talk through the entire process with a knowledgeable home consultant who can answer all their questions, making their experience as smooth as possible.

“And so it's a little personal to me that when I see a customer, and especially a single parent and small kids, to make sure that I'm welcoming and make sure that I have the answers they're looking for and they feel comfortable telling us, you know, what they're going through, where they're living and what it's going to take to help them become a homeowner. It’s very rewarding for sure,” Bryant said.

He pays attention to the details to strike up that conversation with his customers and find common ground. He emphasizes this is the foundation of building the relationship with his customers.

“Having those conversations, I think, opens up the opportunity to kind of create a bond and a relationship and to talk about those things,” he said. In fact, Bryant sold his first home in the summer of 1994, and those homeowners still come back to visit him every few years because of the trust he created. They even referred other home buyers to him years later.


The Clayton Team Member Experience

Bryant points to the recent build of the new home center at the Oakwood Homes of Fletcher location as an example of the positive team member experience at Clayton. The updated and larger building now provides the team members who work there with their own office space where they can still interact and collaborate with one another easily.

“We always talk about customer experience, but our team member experience is just as important because if they're excited and they're happy and in a workspace that they enjoy being in, they are going to perform better,” Bryant said. “And sure enough, as soon as we got the office complete, our production went up, our numbers went up… and I believe it had something to do with that new office.”

Another feature of the new home center that creates a positive team member experience is their outdoor area, where they gather as a team and cook out, play cornhole or just enjoy the sunshine.

In addition to the new space, Bryant notes other initiatives he and his team participate in that really help boost their morale and motivation. He and his team members use their paid volunteer time off as part of the company-wide Clayton Impact™ initiative to make a difference in their community, including:

  • Raising money and give out toys at Christmas
  • Feeding the homeless around Thanksgiving
  • Donating blood

“Clayton has allowed me to work with like-minded people and we've all kind of elevated each other,” Bryant said when asked about his team’s success. He attributes it to his team members having a common goal: to help customers achieve homeownership.

“I feel like we've all kind of raised each other up. We all bring the best out in each other, you know, and so being around a team like I have here, and really the whole company, feels really good.”

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Finding the Balance

“Having a work life balance is very important to us as a team,” Bryant said. “And so, we make sure we schedule our time accordingly so that every team member has the opportunity to take their kids to a ballgame or leave early to just take their wife or significant other out on a date. Those things are important to us.”

He talks about how the team is constantly supporting each other and making sure that everyone is creating a healthy balance in their life.

When not at work, Bryant loves spending time with his wife and two twin boys, and also taking time to himself to create a healthy work-life balance. He has a wide array of hobbies, including going to the gym, pickleball, fishing, hunting and boating.

The family also tends a small working farm, with six chickens and a garden for strawberries and other vegetables. He and his boys love riding their tractor around their property. And let's not overlook Bryant's prized possession: his 1966 GTO muscle car.

Overall, Bryant is grateful to work for a company that encourages their team members to take care of not only their physical health, but their mental health as well. This allows him to unwind and enjoy the time he gets to spend with his family without carrying the weight of his work with him. Cultivating a work-life balance is something Bryant truly values, and he feels supported by Clayton while instilling those values in his team members.

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