Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall Trends

Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall Trends Hero

Are you ready for all things autumn? With these easy ways to use popular fall trends in your home decor, you’ll be enjoying the coziest part of the year in no time.

Fall is by far my favorite season, and if you’re reading this post, I think there’s a good chance you agree with me. There’s just nothing better than cooler weather that’s perfect for long walks, watching football on the weekends, wearing giant sweaters and, of course, decorating for the season. To me, fall is all about creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere at home so you can spend time with your loved ones.

So, if you’re ready to celebrate the season in style, let’s get right to it and take a look at how you can easily add popular color and decor trends for Halloween and Thanksgiving to your home.

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Popular Colors for Fall

To really help you set the scene for your fall decor, let’s start with colors. There’s no doubt the lovely earth tones and warm neutrals you’ve seen for the past few years are here to stay, but bolder hues are popular too. Think black, of course, as well as bright oranges and reds or deep blues and greens. And you’ll see them with lighter wood tones and mixed metals for a comfortable yet sophisticated look.

What other colors are popular? Shades of hot pink and fuchsia. That’s right, Barbiecore is here to stay!

But if you’re not quite ready to break out the paintbrush just yet, not to worry. I recommend finding smaller items in popular shades you like and then incorporating them into your current decor. This is also a great way to mix and match different patterns and textures to really add that cozy feeling to your space. Try combining soft throw pillows and blankets with shiny picture frames and vases, then add baskets or containers made of natural materials. You’ll be ready for pumpkin-scented candles before you know it!

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A Personal Touch for Halloween

Speaking of pumpkins, let’s look at inspiration for your Halloween decor. Now, as much as I long for a 12-foot plastic skeleton to adorn my yard, I also recognize holiday decorations can be all about the thoughtful details.

The big trend for Halloween is anything that feels unique, not mass produced. This means creating combinations of retro, thrifted, handmade, new and antique items for that frightfully festive feeling. It’s a great time to rummage in the basement, craft something with the kids or hit up your favorite boutique.

Try that popular eucalyptus or pampas grass in spooky shades, add some charming skeleton statues or mix and match colored pumpkins. Then display them on tables, shelves or in your entryway to really set the mood for scary movie night.

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And while everyone loves a beautifully decorated kitchen or family room, don’t forget about those smaller spaces. For example, you can trade your everyday bedding for seasonal pillows, or change up your hand towels and doormat. I also like to swap out some of my wall art for holiday-themed prints to add that extra dramatic touch.

Table set for Thanksgiving with white and orange plates and napkins, with wineglasses, charcuterie board and apples in the background.

Setting the Scene for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a lot of work, even if you’re just in charge of the mashed potatoes! So, you’ll want to create a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that embraces popular modern folk and bohemian styles. For example, you can combine a wooden platter, stoneware plates and pretty glasses in autumnal shades to create the perfect spot to linger over a meal. I recommend investing in a few statement pieces for your kitchen or dining room, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a whole set of items. You can also swap out different pieces throughout the season and into the winter.

You can also create an Instagram-worthy centerpiece for your table with wheat, a rustic vase and neutral-colored pumpkins. You can then sprinkle matching accents throughout your living room, foyer or other spaces to create a cohesive look for guests.

Now that I’ve shared some great ideas, are you ready to get started on your fall decor? If you want even more inspiration, you can head over to the Homeownership section of our Studio blog. There, you’ll find organization tips, trends, stories from our homeowners and more.

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