How To Add Color And Texture To Your Rooms

Living room of a manufactured home with blue accent ceiling and blue and green accent décor.

Make your home more interesting to the eye by using color and textures in your design!

Creating an energetic and upbeat feeling in your space is easier than you think. By using contrasting colors and textures, you can make your home magazine ready in no time!

Living room of a manufactured home with blue accent wall with dark furniture.

Play with Color

There are plenty of different ways to add color into your space, but one of the more popular options is with an accent wall. This is a wall in your home that’s a different color from the other walls in your room, therefore “accenting” the space. (Pretty clever, huh?) Don’t be afraid to get bold with your accent wall. Bright and daring colors like blues and oranges can take a room from boring to beautiful with a quick coat of paint!

Picture of a tan couch with a plaid blanket and green throw pillow, with a gold lamp on a table next to it.

Don’t have faith in your painting skills but still want to spruce up your space? Colorful furniture and décor are a great way to add dimension to your home without the commitment of a paint job. I love the way a few throw pillows or a colorful vase can bring a space from drab to fab with little to no effort! In my home, I love to decorate with beautiful blues and gorgeous greens. Do you need some color inspiration? Check out some of 2020’s trending colors!

Manufactured home living room with a gray couch decorated with green, white and yellow throw pillows.

Try Out Textures

Textured materials that reflect and absorb light in varying ways also create an interesting look for your room, such as jute placed next to smooth glass or ceramic pottery. Metal and mirrored items against rustic wooden pieces highlight each other and produce a visual “bounce.”

Picture of a blue vase with a blue kitchen island with white chairs in the background.

Choosing Similar Colors and Textures

On the other hand, to create a restful and calming feeling, use monochromatic colors schemes. Monochromatic colors are different values and shades of the same color family.

Less contrast in textures also makes a space more relaxing, because your eyes and brain don’t have to work as hard to process the environment.

Soothing and comforting textures include soft cotton fabrics and well-worn wooden surfaces. Also, you can calm a space if you repeat the same item or pattern.

It’s All About YOU

Whether you decide that choosing similar colors and textures to style your room is right for you, or you go with diverse, contrasting materials and tones, the beauty of owning your own manufactured home is that you can make it all your own.

That’s why Clayton Built® homes have interior design styles and options for families across the U.S. to customize to create the perfect home for their lifestyle.

Tell your style story at home! Keep it genuine by using your favorite things and have fun.

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