Q&A: All About CrossMod® Homes

Exterior of a Manufactured home with a front porch and lawn.

It's time for a Q&A, CrossMod® style. Let's get into the most frequently asked questions about this innovative type of manufactured homes.

The Clayton team is taking part in an initiative led by the Manufactured Housing Institute that’s innovating manufactured housing, called CrossMod® homes. We want to make sure you know exactly what this means for you, which is why we collected a list of frequently asked questions about these homes. Then, we brought in the experts to cover everything you need to know about the CrossMod® world.

What Makes a Home a CrossMod® Home?


“CrossMod®” comes from the combination of “crossover” and “modern.” These homes blend the best of on-site and off-site built housing. What this means for you is that you benefit from the building efficiency of off-site construction as well as the foundational durability associated with on-site construction.

CrossMod® homes from Clayton are constructed in one of our state-of-the-art building facilities, just like a manufactured home, but they have additional features that make them look like a traditional site-built home. Clayton CrossMod® homes are then secured to a permanent foundation at the final home site, offering buyers the best of both construction methods. A garage as well as a covered porch are finished on-site.

What Are Some Benefits of a CrossMod® Home?

CrossMod® homes have some of the same benefits traditionally associated with prefabricated homes, like a potentially faster construction time and greater options for affordability. However, the additional benefit is that these homes also have the potential to appreciate similarly to site-built homes.

How is this possible? Well, because the homes’ features meet certain requirements, appraisers are able to compare CrossMod® homes to site-built, which creates the potential for similar appreciation over time. A CrossMod® home can be a comparable investment to a traditional site-built home, since it can be eligible for conventional financing.

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How Much Does a CrossMod® Home Cost?

The exact cost of any home varies depending on factors like its specific features and where it will be located. Considering the average price of new site-built homes with land is currently over $500,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Clayton is excited to bring home buyers an option with both quality and attainability in mind. Check with your local home center to learn about pricing in your area.

What Are Some Potential Financing Options?

You should always reach out to a lender for specific financing questions, but here are a few resources about possible financing options for these homes. These resources from Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac® can give you more information on conventional mortgage loan financing programs specifically created for CrossMod® homes.

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What Kind of Features Do CrossMod® Homes Have?

CrossMod® homes are built to HUD code and designed to permanently attach to land. They offer the aesthetics and features typically seen in traditional construction.

First, CrossMod® homes are permanently placed on the foundation once they arrive at the final home site. In addition, here are some of the key interior and exterior features that distinguish a Clayton CrossMod® home:

  • Site-built covered porch
  • Garage
  • Durable cabinets
  • Interior details like a concealed marriage line and smooth ceilings
  • Energy efficient standards and features
  • Minimum 5/12 roof pitch
  • A permanent foundation

Where Can I Get More Information About a CrossMod® Home?

CrossMod® homes offer forward-thinking designs, energy-efficient features and high-end materials without sacrificing the efficiency, quality and construction speed that comes with off-site built homes.

If you have more questions about CrossMod® homes, you can always contact us to chat about potential opportunities that are available in your area. We've also created an entire website dedicated to all things CrossMod®, complete with floor plans, informational videos and more.

CrossMod® is a registered trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute. Fannie Mae is the registered trademark of the Federal National Mortgage Association and Freddie Mac is the registered trademark of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

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