Q&A: All About Our CrossMod™ Homes

Exterior of a Manufactured home with a front porch and lawn.

It's time for a Q&A, CrossMod™ style. Let's get into the most frequently asked questions about this new class of manufactured homes.

Have you heard all the talk about the new CrossMod™ home category but you’re confused about what exactly that means? Well, then this Q&A is for you!

The Clayton Built® team is so excited to announce our part in a project led by the Manufactured Housing Institute to present a home category that’s changing the game when it comes to manufactured housing. But we first want to make sure you know exactly what this means. That’s why we collected a list of frequently asked questions. Then, we brought in the experts to ensure we covered all you need to know about the CrossMod™ world.

What Makes a CrossMod™ Home?


Excellent question! In order to understand CrossMod™ homes, you need know what the term means, right?

The term comes from the combination of “crossover” and “modern.” Meaning, we blended the best of on-site and off-site built housing, and that just so happens to be exactly what this home is. I know you’re probably wondering how this is even possible, so allow me to explain.

Our CrossMod™ homes are built in one of our state-of-the-art building facilities, just like a typical manufactured home, but have additional exterior features to make them look like a traditional site-built home. They are then secured to a permanent foundation at the home site, offering our home buyers the best of both construction methods.

What Are Some Benefits of a CrossMod™ Home?

Here’s the big kicker: Your CrossMod™ home can appraise similarly to a traditional on-site built home.

Hold up, are you serious?

YES. Because the homes’ features meet certain requirements, we are able to compare CrossMod™ homes to site-built homes for appraisal purposes, which creates the potential for appreciation over time. Your Clayton Built® CrossMod™ home will be a comparable investment to a traditional site built home, since it’s eligible for conventional financing and has a potentially lower price tag.

What Kind of Features Do CrossMod™ Homes Have?

Close up of a CrossMod™ home kitchen counter top with counter décor.

First, let’s talk exterior. All Clayton Built® CrossMod™ homes are designed with an elevated roof pitch and a covered porch, garage and/or carport. CrossMod™ homes are also placed on a permanent foundation once they get to the home site. And, we’ve already seen success using the homes in certain locations to challenge zoning ordinances that limited manufactured housing in the past.

When you enter a CrossMod™ home, you’ll find enhanced cabinetry, drywall interior and energy efficiency standards like a smart thermostat.

How Much Does a CrossMod™ Home Cost?

Graph of prices in the housing market prices based on home type.

All right, now we’re getting into the nitty gritty of these homes with a little money talk. Of course, the cost of a home varies depending on the specifics of the home and where it will be located, but I’m going to answer this question the best I can!

CrossMod™ homes will start at under $200,000 in most markets, plus the cost of land. Considering the average price of new site-built homes with land is over $400,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Clayton Built® team is excited to participate in bringing home buyers an option with both quality and attainability in mind.

What Are Some Potential Financing Options?

Exterior of a Clayton Built® home with trees and side walk.

You should always reach out to a lender for specific financing questions, but here are a few resources about possible financing options for CrossMod™ homes.

These resources from Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac® can give you more information on conventional mortgage loan financing programs specifically created for CrossMod™ homes that have these specific features.

Where Can I Get More Information About a CrossMod™ Home?

If you have more questions about purchasing a CrossMod™ home, you can always contact us to chat about potential opportunities. Or maybe you’re not in a chatty mood, that’s OK, too.

That’s why we created an entire website dedicated to all things CrossMod™, complete with floor plans, informational videos and more.

These CrossMod™ homes are going to shake up the housing industry, so don’t you want to be a part of the change? Looking for your next step? Try viewing home models today!

CrossMod is a trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are trademarks of their respective owners.

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