The Future of Home Building

About CrossMod®

The CrossMod category is an innovation in manufactured housing. These homes are designed to provide a new solution for home buyers who desire the potential for long-term appreciation and improved exterior and interior features. This new class of homes will be offered under $200,000 in most markets plus cost of land, and will reflect the design of traditional on-site built homes.

Clayton builds CrossMod homes in its world class home building facilities across America to marry the design-forward style of on-site built housing and the smarter, more efficient building processes traditionally associated with off-site construction methods. These homes will be built to the home construction and safety standards (HUD Code) which are administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How Our Building Efficiencies Help Keep Home Prices Attainable

Clayton Built® homes are constructed off-site in stages using a production line method with an internal inspection at each step during the home construction process. Our internal inspection process, along with required external monitoring, ensures the quality of our homes.

The use of technology for material conveyance in facilities creates a faster and more seamless building process, which helps keep home costs lower and relieves an amount of physical stress for our builders. Once a home is completed inside one of our home building facilities, it is transported by truck in sections to the final home location where construction is finished and final touches are completed to ready the home for move-in.