Can You Move a Modular Home?

A modular home is being hoisted by a crane over a foundation.

Once a modular home is placed on land, can you move it? Learn the truth about modular homes, their frames and whether you can move them in the future!

It's important to note first that there are two types of modular homes. When you purchase a modular home from Clayton, you can get an on frame or an off frame home!

What is a modular home frame?

Glad you asked! All our homes are built on a steel chassis in a home building facility, including modular homes. Modular and manufactured homes are both constructed with quality materials and built with strength and durability.

The difference lies in the codes they are built to. Modular are built to applicable building codes of the land site on which they will be placed.

What do on frame and off frame mean?

An on frame modular home means that the modular home remains on its steel chassis when it is brought to its land site for placement.

An off frame modular home is a modular home that is removed from its steel chassis to be placed at its land site.

What does the frame have to do with moving the home?

It is easier to move a home in the future if it is still on its steel frame than if it has been removed from the chassis. Technically though, you can move any structure. You can move a site built house if you really want to, but the expenses of moving a home often prevent people from doing so.

What I'm really saying is, yes, you can move a modular home. Whether or not it's on a steel chassis once it is placed may mean you won't want to relocate your home because of the costs.

What does a modular home sit on if it's not on its steel chassis?

The type of foundation depends on applicable building codes, your budget and the environment of the land where you're putting your home. However, different options include a slab foundation, crawl space foundation, a pier and beam foundation or a basement foundation.

Perks of Choosing a Modular Home

Living Room

Modular homes are built with a streamlined home building process almost entirely inside a facility, making them an appealing alternative to traditional site built homes that are susceptible to environmental conditions during the construction process.

With a modular home, you can receive the same benefits that a site built home gives without the extra costs and waiting time!

  • Many modular homes are customizable to fit your wants and needs.
  • Modular homes, which are built with multiple sections, can be placed on a basement or crawl space unlike single wide HUD Code homes.
  • They are typically more affordable than new site built homes due to the quicker home building process and efficient use of materials.

Placing Your Modular Home Permanently

Kitchen and Dining Room

The sections of your modular will be put together at the site by contractors who understand how a modular home is properly set. You can watch your home come together just like the pieces of a puzzle!

It's important to ask your home center and home builder any questions you have during the beginning stages of the home building process because all builders operate slightly differently. From there, you can determine the cost of placing a modular home and understand specifically how it will be transported to your land site!

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