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Solid American


Quality manufactured
 homes constructed of steel


Steel I-beams are engineered to support the structure of your home. Cross members connect the two i-beams and add stability to your home’s foundation. Outriggers are welded to the steel i-beam for extra strength and support.

Clayton Homes Steel Beam Construction

Cross members connect two I-beams and add stability to your home’s foundation.

Clayton Homes Extra Beam Support

Outriggers are welded to the steel I-beam for extra strength and support.

Sub Floor

Trailer Home Engineered Floor

An engineered floor system provides a solid foundation for your flooring, ensuring a solid feel and maximum sound control.

Mobile Home Quality Insulation

A thick blanket of quality insulation keeps the home comfortable and energy efficient.

A nylon reinforced vapor barrier adds a layer of protection to keep moisture out of the home and serves as a barrier against pest and allergens.

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Plumbing System

Flexible water lines withstand frigid temperatures for peace of mind in cold climates.

Plumbing Installed in Clayton Home

Plumbing is installed within the insulation blanket to help maintain consistent water temperatures.

Pex Plumbing in Modular Home

Pex Plumbing is used in your home to maintain constant water pressure and prevent leaks.


Water resistant “no-wax” floor covering is used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.

Interlocking Floors in Mobile Home

Interlocking floor decking keeps the floors structurally sound.

Floor Decking is Sanded

Decking is sanded to provide a smooth surface for installing floor covering.

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Exterior Walls

Built to Last

Standard exterior wall construction includes studs framed on 16” centers. The door and window openings have structural headers for added strength and functionality.

Electrical Wiring in Manufactured Home

Electrical wiring is covered by steel plates where it passes through the wall studs to ensure safety and prevent damage.

Walls are packed full of thick insulation for maximum energy efficiency.

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Engineered Truss System

Fiberglass Shingles in Trailer Home

Fiberglass shingles are standard with optional architectural shingles available.

Laminated Ridge Beam in Clayton Home

A laminated ridge beam and structural lumber beams are used over all openings between the two sections to maintain the structural integrity of the entire home.

Insulation in Roof Cavity

Insulation fills the roof cavity reducing energy costs.

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Durable Siding in Clayton Home

Durable and low maintenance siding is installed by hand.

House Wrap in Mobile Home

Vinyl siding and house wrap are not used at all building facilities. Construction method will vary depending upon geographic region.

House wrap is installed under the siding as a second line of defense to protect your home against the elements and help reduce energy bills.

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Mobile Home Quality Control Inspections

Our internal inspections include:

  • Pressure-tested plumbing lines
  • Electrical outlets
  • Exterior inspection for consistency and quality
  • Thorough walk-through to check walls, doors, trim, and flooring.
  • And much more...
measuring tape

Less Waste!

Excess building waste is minimized by having exact dimensions and measurements for our building materials.

Average Household's Energy Consumption

by Percentage

Average Household's Energy Consumption by Percentage

*Source: 2009 RECS Survey conducted by U.S. Energy Information Administration.

You Know

These energy efficient options are available on most of our models. When compared to older site-built homes, the modern manufactured home is much more efficient.

Homes are built in climate controlled advanced building facilities that protect the home from weather damage & the typical delays of site-built construction.

Year round comfort.

A lifetime of saving.

Energy efficient modular homes
Energy efficient modular homes
  • Low-E Windows
  • Air-Tight Construction
  • R33 Ceiling Insulation*
  • Thermo Mate-Line Gasket
  • Energy Efficient Water Heater
  • Improved Air Filtration
  • Sealed Duct Work
  • R22 Floor Insulation
  • R11 Floor Insulation
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • CFL Light Bulbs**

* Some models with vaulted ceilings have a max value of R30.

** Some exceptions may apply.

Steel I-beams and Concrete Piers

Pier & Beam


Diagram and pictures are for illustration purposes only and actual materials used and installation methods may vary based on geographic region and installation contractor preferences. All home installations are subject to applicable federal and state code requirements.

Strength & Durability

Strength & durability are important factors when constructing your home, which is why we use a  Pier and Beam Foundation.

Crawlspace Area in Clayton Home

Crawlspace area allows easy access to utilities and duct work.

Engineered Systems Prevent Foundation Shifting

Engineered systems secure homes to prevent shifting.

Diagram and pictures are for illustration purposes only and actual materials used and installation methods may vary based on geographic region and installation contractor preferences. All home installations are subject to applicable federal and state code requirements.

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Home Site

Septic System in Trailer Home

Septic Systems

Footers in Clayton Home


Mobile Home Decks and Porches

Decks & Porches

Land Improvement Options

It takes more than a house to create a home.  Land improvement options complete your home site and make the transition into your new home as easy as possible.

Land Improvement Options for Mobile Home
  • Wells
  • Driveways
  • Electrical
  • Septic Systems
  • Decks & Porches
  • Footers
  • And more...

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