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Triple Section Homes To Fit Your Style

More square footage means more room to create the home of your dreams… That’s the inspiration behind these beautiful Clayton Built® triple section homes.

So, you’ve finally come to the realization you are outgrowing your current home. Maybe it’s a growing family, an increased income or just a collection of must-have home items that no longer fit within your current living space.

Or maybe you aren’t outgrowing your home at all, but you’ve seen the beautiful selection of homes Clayton has to offer and decided it’s time to finally take that step into luxury.

Here are a few beautiful triple section homes the Clayton Built® team has to offer:

Spacious & Customizable

Manufactured home kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a large breakfast bar.

We truly believe your home should be a place you love. What better way to achieve that than by letting you choose the features you’ve been dreaming of? That’s why you will adore the GLE661K.

This roomy triple section home is over 2,400 sq. ft. and can be customized in several ways. Some may prefer a 3 bedroom home with a flex room or maybe you’d rather stick to a 4 bedroom style. The options are endless for this open concept floor plan to create the perfect personalized space for you!

Warm & Inviting

Manufactured home with an open floor plan and a gorgeous fireplace.

You have either been deemed the keeper of all secret family recipes, or you have successfully mastered the skill of making a mean bowl of instant noodles. Whichever type of chef you are, you’ll still need an amazing kitchen to create your masterpieces!

That’s why you need to check out the GE662K. With over 2,500 sq. ft. of prefab glory and a huge kitchen complete with plenty of counter space, you’ll have the perfect area for gathering with your friends and family.

Practical & Roomy

Manufactured home kitchen with large windows and kitchen island.

So, an open floor plan is kind of your style, huh? Maybe even an option with a fireplace and a guest suite? This means the GSP643K Platinum Series GW is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This open concept triple section home is the perfect blank canvas for you to decorate in a personalized style that will please even the in-laws!

No matter the size or space you need or the features you’ve always dreamed of, there will be a Clayton Built® home that’s perfect for you. So, get started on finding your dream home today!

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