Save Your Space with These 5 Bathroom Storage Options

Manufactured home bathroom with soaker tub, large windows and open front vanity.

If you're trying to maximize storage throughout your home and make your daily routine easier, check out these different storage options available in Clayton home bathrooms.

Sometimes life can get messy, and if you are anything like me, that mess can accumulate in your bathroom. Space is a limited resource in the bathroom, and it feels like you can’t ever get enough of it. At Clayton, we know these struggles, so we add great storage and organization options right into the design of our homes to make your life a little easier.

Check out a few of my favorites for your bathroom!

Manufactured home bathroom with double sink vanity, two mirrors and open vanity storage.

1. Open Vanity Storage

Open storage is a popular trend, and it’s easy to see why. This option offers quick and easy access to anything you need, while doubling as décor. Use wicker baskets or other containers to hold your bathroom necessities and keep this space from looking cluttered.

Manufactured home bathroom with glass front shower, wooden floors and built-in shelving

2. Bookcase Built-ins

Using wall space in bathrooms can be tricky, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Too many shelves can make the room feel cramped, and you also run the risk of bumping your head on them if there are too big or aren’t placed properly. All those worries can be washed away (pun intended) with a built-in bookcase. Built-ins look seamless in almost any bathroom, because they are specifically made to fit a certain space. And they add an elegant touch while also provide a ton of storage space!

Manufactured home bathroom with bathtub, shelving and marbled details.

3. Bathtub Shelves

Don’t let what I said about shelves in No. 2 close your mind off to the idea completely. When they are the right size and are placed properly, they can be an awesome addition to your bathroom. Shelving next to your bathtub provides the perfect place to fit soaps, scrubs and anything else you might need at bath time. Or, you can use this space to organize all your towels!

Manufactured home bathroom with two built-in cubby areas on either side of the vanity.

4. Built-in Cubbies

I know it’s sort of cheating to mention more built-ins, but I can’t help it! They are pretty AND useful. Cubbies are great for big families since you can assign a space to each member of your family, or you can section out certain spaces to a specific type of item, like towels or shampoos.

Walk-in closet of a manufactured home with white shiplap walls and a built in storage area with baskets on it.

5. Walk-in Closet

Having a walk-in closet is a luxury you can afford with a Clayton Built® home. Walk-in closets are great for storage since they are typically tucked away off the primary suite, maximizing your space. Some of our walk-ins are even in the bathroom, so you can use them for both clothing and bathroom storage!

There you have it! Five of my favorite bathroom storage options offered in our Clayton Built® homes. I hope I convinced you to consider some of the options we offer here at Clayton. And if you’re looking for more great ways to get the most out of your space, check out our Small Spaces Style Guide for inspiration on how to decorate your home!

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