4 Traditional Styles Found in Clayton’s Homes

A living room with a gray couch in front of a stone fireplace is at the forefront, with a dining room and kitchen with an arched stone hood range in the background.

From the crown molding of the Colonial style to the timber beams of the Tudor, find your favorite classic interior design look with these Clayton homes.

Popular home styles vary across the country, but if you’re interested in a more timeless look, features from these classic styles might be right for you. We’re looking at four traditional styles found in America:

  • Colonial Revival
  • Craftsman
  • Tudor
  • Ranch

Check out the decor details found in our homes that incorporate the best from each of these iconic periods of home design.

Colonial Revival

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Colonial Revival homes first appeared during the 1900s, when architects and artists were inspired by early American colonial designs. The majority of these first homes had Georgian features.

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Several Clayton homes have features that capture the interior details and the nostalgia of this time period. Think white trim, wainscotting and crown molding. Ornate details, like window cornices with filigree designs and elegant arches, paired with soft colors and polished floors, are right at home with this style.


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Craftsman homes grew out of the 1800s Arts and Crafts movement, which emphasized handmade, quality that was meant to be accessible for everyone. Its popularity reached the United States by the early 1900s, in response to the more mass-produced styles of the Industrial Revolution.

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Some of the features found in a Craftsman-style home include covered porches, natural wood elements, ceiling beams, fireplaces, dining rooms, nooks and built-ins. If you’re dreaming of details like this in your manufactured or modular home, there are many Clayton models to choose from.

Living Room

Tudor Revival

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Tudor-style homes are influenced by a blend of English medieval design and surged in popularity in the 1920s. Tudor Revival emphasizes darker woods and warm colors, and paints a romantic picture of the Tudor era combined with more modern building techniques.

Patriot Kitchen 15

Some features that embrace the best of Tudor Revival include vaulted, beamed and coffered ceilings, along with large fireplaces and tall windows. Arches, wood paneling and accents using stone or brick are also popular.


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After beginning in the 1920s, this all-American style home was most popular in the ’70s and ’80s and has come back into the spotlight in the past few years. Originally referring to a single-story, long home, the ranch — also sometimes called a rancher or rambler — is typically rectangular or “L” shaped.

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The main feature of a ranch-style home is its open floor plan, keeping the shared living spaces together and making traffic in those areas flow more easily. Ranchers also typically have large windows, patio access, an attached garage and simple decoration.

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Whether you are inspired by tried-and-true designs of the past or the latest trends, Clayton’s homes have a variety of styles and features to fit you. Check out the Home pages on our website to see more of our floor plans, and then filter them by price range, number of bedrooms, preferred features and more.

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