4 Classic American Manufactured And Modular Home Styles

See how these 4 classic american styles are incorporated in manufactured and modular home designs.

Homes in America have evolved over the past few centuries. Many styles that have come and gone, but a few endure as classics.

Take a look at these classic American home styles incorporated in manufactured and modular house designs! Manufactured home styles vary across the country, but as you search for your perfect fit, one of these classic styles might stick out to you.

1. Cape Cod 

The Oakwood Mod model by Schult

These homes derive from quaint country cottages of 17th Century Great Britain.

The Jefferson model by Norris

Though British homes typically sport a thatched roof, Cape Cod style homes use steeper pitched roofs and shingles to shed the snow and ice of New England. A common feature is a gabled roof and a plain front. Usually, they do not have porches, but the Jefferson model above is a Clayton twist on Cape Cod style. 

2. Ranch

The Cheyenne model by Clayton

Ranch homes became popular in the 1930’s and the first to include an attached garage. The typical ranch home is one story, with an open floor plan, and large windows.

These homes, as the name suggests, were first built on Western ranches, and were recognized for their beautiful practicality and inviting atmosphere. 

3. Farmhouse 

43EZE45563A model by SEhomes* 

Much like ranch homes, farmhouses are named from their prevailing location on rural farms.

Though farmhouses borrow from colonial styling, they are set apart by large porches, wood siding, and simple décor.

4. Contemporary 

The Crest Elite model *

Contemporary homes place emphasis on energy efficiency, recycled materials, and simplicity. This style is especially popular in the pre-fab house movement going on around the world.

Its predecessor, the modern home, was developed in the 1950’s to incorporate simple geometric shapes and a connection to nature.

While exterior styles and home features vary quite a bit across the country, you'll find many of these classic American home styles available at Clayton home centers all over the U.S. 

*This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you. 

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