Home Delivery FAQs


View FAQs about buying and owning a Clayton Built® home and learn more on these topics by reading in-depth studio articles.

Home Delivery

Our homes are built inside of our home building facilities and delivered to you. Learn more about how we transport your new Clayton home.

  • Can you help me find land for my new home?

    Our Find Land tool is a great place to help you get started. To use the tool, you’ll enter the zip code of the area you’re looking for land in. Then, you’ll see available land lots in the area, along with a map. Be sure to check with your home center or real estate agent about land zoning requirements in your area. We also recommend asking about manufactured home communities in the area.

  • Can my home be moved to a new location?

    Yes, in some cases you may be able to move your home depending on a few different factors, including the cost of moving it and the type of foundation you have. Many of today’s manufactured homes are placed on a permanent foundation and can’t be moved. You will need to contact professional home movers with experience in relocating manufactured homes to help you decide if you can and should move your home.

  • Are the delivery fees included in the listed price of the home?

    No, the delivery and installation fees for your new manufactured or modular home are not included in the starting price that’s listed on the home details page. The best way to get this information is by talking to your home center consultant so you can receive an estimate for the fees and costs you may need to plan for.

  • Do you help with home site preparation and home delivery?

    We’re here to help make the entire home buying process as smooth as possible. You will work with your home consultant on what preparations need to be made to your home site, like grading the land, clearing trees or having a driveway built. Home site prep and land improvement options can be completed by local contractors your home center can help you find.

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