Why Should You Buy a Modular Home? Let Us Tell You.

Blue modular home outside with a large yard.

All your modular questions finally answered – Next you’ll be wondering why anyone wouldn’t want to buy a modular home!

When you decide you’re ready to build a home, what are some of the things you want? Maybe you want to customize your home or choose the perfect location for you and your family. Regardless of your wishes, everyone wants to get into their home ASAP.

Think about it. The anticipation of walking through your new front door, creating new memories and filling your home with a style that fits only you is almost unbearable!

That’s why the Clayton Built® team prioritizes your wish of receiving your home as soon as possible by creating a modular home. But, don’t get me wrong. Building homes faster is just one of the pros of buying a modular home. Let’s talk about a few more!

What Makes a Home “Modular”?

Two parts of a modular home being assembled on a home lot.

In order for you to know why you should buy a modular home, you must first understand what makes a home modular. The key to understanding a modular home is to remember the word “sections”.

A modular home is built in a climate-controlled home building facility in two or more sections, and transported to the location of your choice. Then the sections of the home are assembled on-site. There you have it! An easy to remember description of a modular home.

What Are Some Benefits of Buying Modular?

Modular home neighborhood with a large cul-de-sac and fall colored trees.

Where do I even start? When you buy a Clayton Built® home, you’re getting a durable and sustainable home from a name you can trust, but that’s not the only thing that makes a modular home different. Some other key benefits include:

  • Modular homes are constructed with the same quality materials as site-built homes.
  • Modular homes are placed on a permanent foundation.
  • As a modular home manufacturer with options across the country, Clayton is able to offer a wide range of prices and features available for families with different home budgets! The Clayton Built® team purchases materials in bulk at reduced prices, which leads to savings for new homeowners.
  • Because Clayton Built® homes are built in climate-controlled home building facilities, the efficient assembly line process and minimized weather delays cut back the time it takes to build a modular home in comparison to site-built homes.
  • There are countless features such as granite counters, sliding barn wood doors, elegant soaker tubs and so much more to customize your modular home.

What Are Some Limitations to Buying Modular?

Couple getting the keys to their new manufactured home from a home consultant.

This question is easy! In most situations, there aren’t any limitations to buying a modular home. As long as the home can be designed in sections that can be transported to the land, and to the correct state and local codes, there are endless possibilities with modular homes.

So, after reading this, I’m sure your next question is “Where do I get one of these fantastic modular homes for myself?” Well that’s easy too! Follow the buttons and find a home that best suits you. And you never know… Maybe you’ll find your dream home while you’re at it.

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