Energy Efficiency in Manufactured Homes

Learn about the energy efficient options in Energy Smart Home packages and how you can get an energy efficient manufactured home. It saves money and energy!

Mobile and manufactured homes are more energy efficient than ever before.

Clayton Homes and other mobile and manufactured home builders are now adding energy efficient options. That means you get to save money long term!

We're calling it the Energy Smart Home package at Clayton, and it includes upgrades for parts of your mobile home like heating and cooling systems, windows and insulation.

So how do you make a more energy efficient mobile or manufactured home? Let's break it down some more. 

Heating and Cooling Systems

According to, the majority of your energy usage goes to heating and cooling your home. By adding programmable thermostats, you can regulate the temperature of your home more efficiently, thus using less energy.

Heating water in your home is the second major energy user. The new energy efficient hot water heater has thicker side walls with a higher insulation value. Heat energy is conserved, so it requires less energy to heat the water and keep it hot.

Better Windows

Clayton now offers Low Emissive (or Low-E) windows, which have a lower e-value than standard windows. When your "e" value is lower, your window is more energy efficient.

According to, Low-E windows allow for less heat entering and leaving your home through your window and reduce the light's ability to wash out colors in your home. Low-E windows can protect your indoor furniture from UV-induced fading by as much as 75%!¹ 

Home Insulation

R-Value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-Value in your mobile home insulation, the better the thermal performance of the insulation.

Here are the insulation specifications for Clayton mobile homes with the Energy Smart Home package:

  • R33 in ceiling
  • R22 in the floor
  • R11 in the walls

Some models may not have the capacity for R33 in the ceiling, and they will have R30 instead. 
A typical mobile home across the manufactured home industry likely has R21 in the ceiling, R11 in the wall, and R11 in the ceiling floor. This is a 2-1-1 ratio. But with the Energy Smart option, your insulation ratio is 3-1-2. 

Less Energy = More Savings 

Can you add some of these upgrades to your home? Definitely! That is exactly why we offer the Energy Smart Home package!

Even just adding a programmable thermostat will help save you on the number one energy waster. This is an affordable change that you can make yourself.

1. Guide to Energy Efficient Windows. PDF. U.S. Department of Energy, October 2010. Accessed January 25, 2018.

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