Energy Efficiency in a Clayton Built® Home

Woman sitting on a couch in a manufactured home living room with an ecobee thermostat on the wall.

From smart thermostats to insulation and more, the Clayton Built® team talks about all things energy efficient when it comes to our homes.

We know that for many people, incorporating sustainability and energy efficiency into everything they do is now more important than ever. This is why the Clayton Built® team has worked to create homes that are stylish, strong and energy efficient.

Our home building process focuses on things like sealed ductwork to keep your home comfortable and keep out dirt, allergens and pests. We go beyond simply making your home sustainable; we have crafted a construction process to build our homes in a more sustainable way. Therefore, your home is more efficient right from the start.

And we believe that providing you with an affordable housing option shouldn’t be where the savings ends. So, want to learn more about the specific features that help make Clayton Built® homes even more energy efficient? Let’s start by breaking it down with this video.


Heating and Cooling Systems

According to, the majority of your home’s energy usage is from heating and cooling. By adding a programmable or smart thermostat, such as the ecobee thermostat that is featured in all new Clayton Built® homes, you can regulate the temperature of your home more effectively throughout the day while also using less energy.

Heating water in your home is the second major energy user. That’s why new Clayton Built® homes have a Rheem® dual element water heater with thicker side walls and a higher insulation value. This helps conserve heat energy, so it requires less energy to heat the water and keep it hot while meeting all of your daily water needs.

A person cleaning a window in their manufactured home kitchen with white cabinets and stone style counter tops.

Better Windows

Clayton also now offers Low-E Lux windows in all of our new homes. But what does this mean exactly? The “e” value is a value assigned to how efficient a household feature is. The lower the value, the more efficient your windows are.

According to, Low-E windows allow for less heat entering and leaving your home through your window and reduce the light's ability to wash out colors in your home. Low-E windows can also protect your indoor furniture from UV-induced fading.

A manufactured home builder pumping insulation into the roof of a Clayton Built® home.

Quality Insulation

The R-value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it. The higher the R-value in your home’s insulation, the better the thermal performance and the more comfortable your home will be.

That’s why the roof cavity of a Clayton Built® home is filled with R-33 insulation to create a well-insulated layer around the entire home. If your home has a vaulted ceiling, the roof insulation will have a maximum value of R30. Another layer of R22 insulation is used in the subflooring, while R11 insulation is used in the walls to ensure optimal efficiency all around.

Now that we’ve highlighted these great energy efficient features, are you wondering what else makes up a Clayton Built® home? Head over to our Clayton Studio blog to learn more about the materials and products we use, construction process and more!

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