Choosing a Window Treatment Style for Your Manufactured Home

Choosing a Window Treatment Style for Your Manufactured Home

From valences to plantation shutters, here are questions and tips for choosing the right window treatment style for your mobile home!

 New year, new home! We all want our home to be as stylish and as updated as possible in the new year.

But where do you start? For instance, there are countless window treatment options available, which can make it almost impossible to choose one.

Questions to Help You Choose a Window Treatment

- Do you have pets you don’t want scratching at or biting at your window treatments? - Do you want the windows in each room to let in plenty of light or not as much light? - Do you want to be able to easily change the colors and style of your window treatment? - Do you want to also have blinds with your window treatment? Do you already have blinds?

Your Window Treatment Style Options

Besides making your home look good, window treatments also provide privacy and allow you to dictate how much natural light comes through.

Whether you’re decorating a home for the first time or you’re just updating your windows, these different window treatment style options will be a huge help in your search!

1. Roman Shades

As one of the most iconic styles of window treatment, Roman Shades have the ability to give your home style while remaining classy!

Their function will depend on what type of fabric and what color you choose, leaving it completely up to you.

For instance, cotton Roman shades will fold easily and likely let in less light when covering the entire window. Linen will let in more light but still fold easily. No matter what, Roman shades are a safe choice for any home!

2. Blackout Curtains

These are curtains that are a heavier material and are meant to cover the window entirely so you won’t even be able to tell there’s a window in the room! I personally enjoy being in the dark, especially if I’m watching TV, but whatever your reason is for wanting it dark, these are the shades for you.

These curtains are easy for changing out styles and colors. They also fit easily over windows with blinds.

Make sure to get them longer and wider than the window to ensure absolutely no light gets through!

3. Plantation Shutters

Using shutters as your window treatment is great for functional decoration!

You can choose to make the shutters blend in so they’re less noticeable by painting them the same color as the wall, or you can make them “pop” by painting them a crisp white or other color!

The disadvantage of this window treatment is you can’t easily change the style and color. They might not be able to go with you to your next home either if you have to buy them custom made from a window treatment specialist. 

4. Valences

Valences are a simple way to add flair to your room without having a curtain that pets or kids can play with.

Putting a valence on a window is less about keeping out light and more about enlightening your home with style! They're great for adding color and texture while keeping your blinds.

Don't Stop There

These are just a few ways to freshen up your home and give it a new look, but there are many other window treatment options available such as roller shades and cellular shades that might also work well for you!

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