Home Care Guide: Maintaining the Caulking in Your Manufactured Home

Home Care Guide: Maintaining the Caulking in Your Manufactured Home

Learn where caulk is used in your prefabricated home and how to repair it.

Have you ever wondered how all the nooks and crannies of your home stay tightly sealed? Sealants, such as caulk, keep multiple parts of your home safe from both exposure to moisture and excessive air flow.

Maintaining the caulk in your home is important to ensure that everything stays sealed properly. Check out all you need to know about caulk in your manufactured home.


What is Caulking?

Caulk is a waterproof filler and sealant used for repairs or building work. It keeps water and outside air away from your interior and helps prevent mold from forming on your walls. It is also used to seal joints in structures as well as fill cracks in seams such as crown molding.

Where is Caulk Used in a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured home window with wooden siding and a white cotton plant.

Caulk can be used in a lot of different places in your home such as roof and wall vents, window and door frames and around your tub and sinks to prevent water leakage. Using caulk in these places can help keep your home running as energy efficient as possible.

What to Do If There Is Deterioration and Separation in Caulk

Man placing caulk on a manufactured home window.

It is important to make sure that any areas with caulk in your home are maintained properly. Keep an eye out for the shrinkage of the bead of sealant, caulk that no longer sticks to the surface, cracking in the caulk or the powdering and dusting of the surface where the caulk is.

Although caulk is used in a lot of areas of your home, don't stress if it begins to wear over time. This is normal and is to be expected. Here are areas to check for deterioration:

  • Where any exterior siding forms corner joints or meets the foundation
  • Anywhere that different types of building materials meet
  • Around windows and doorframes
  • Around air ducts or vents
  • Around plumbing fixtures
  • On the roof

Try to check these areas annually to ensure the caulk is not deteriorating.

Caulking on Roofs

mobile home roof vent

To maintain the caulk on the roof of your manufactured home, the seams, vents, flashings, and caulked joints must be resealed once a year or as often as needed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying caulk and other sealants.

How to Re-Caulk Areas That Are Separating or Deteriorating

Manufactured home porch with white columns.

If you notice any caulk deteriorating or separating, then you should re-caulk the area using the proper type of caulk. Make sure to re-caulk or reseal with flexible, non-hardening caulks and sealants.

Before choosing caulking, talk to a home repair expert at your local home improvement store and tell them where you'll be using it so they can help you choose the correct type.

You will also want to make sure you have the proper tools to re-caulk any areas of your home. Application tools can include caulking guns that have a cradle to hold the tube of caulk, a plunger to push the caulk out and a trigger to control the flow.¹

You can also purchase squeeze tubes of caulk for smaller, simpler projects.

How to Apply Caulk:

  • Cut the nozzle of the tube at an angle
  • Using the punch on the caulking gun, puncture the seal of the tube
  • Put the tube in the cradle of the gun and pull the trigger until caulk comes out of the nozzle to apply it where it needs to go
  • While applying the caulk, you should use a clean, damp rag or caulk smoothing tool to even out the bead on the surface

Remember, maintaining the caulking helps to keep your home energy efficient and bug-free while preventing moisture from getting in the seams of your home. For more ways to stay on top of home maintenance, check out our Home Care Guide tips.

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