How Clayton Makes Affordable Modular Homes

Exterior of a Clayton modular home with light blue siding, stone trim, white windows and doors and a gray roof.

Let’s look at why Clayton’s modular homes are an affordable option for buyers, from the efficient construction process to the variety of popular styles and features.

At Clayton, we’ve been helping people become homeowners since we opened our doors in 1956. And today we continue that mission by combining our decades of experience with our innovation as one of the nation’s leading home builders. That includes offering our customers both traditional site-built homes and off-site built options like modular and manufactured homes.

Modern modular homes are an affordable choice that give buyers popular, beautiful features along with quality building materials. So, let’s break down more about what modular homes are, how they’re built, and why they just might be the right fit for your needs.

What is a modular home?

Let’s start by defining a modular home. You’ll sometimes hear the terms “manufactured home” and “modular home” used to mean the same thing, but there are a few key differences. Both are a type of off-site built, or prefabricated, home, which means they’re built inside a facility and then delivered to the home site, where any final assembly details take place.

However, manufactured homes are built to the national HUD Code, while modular homes are built to regional, state or local codes, depending on their location. This means modular homes are built similarly to traditional site-built ones. In most places, modular homes are also required to have a permanent foundation, which means they can’t be moved to another location in the future. In comparison, some manufactured homes can be relocated depending on the type of foundation they have.

Home center consultant shows book of home options to a woman wearing a blue shirt, inside of a Clayton home

How much do modular homes typically cost?

The exact price of a new modular home will vary based on details like the size of the home, your location, and any upgrade or customization options you might choose, just like with a site-built home. At Clayton, we offer modular home floor plans starting at under $150,000*, not including any delivery or home installation and set-up costs. The price is also in addition to the potential cost of land for your home, as well as any site prep or land improvement options you may need or want, like having a garage or driveway built.

*Sales price does not include required delivery, installation and taxes. Installed price will be higher. Click here for complete pricing details.

If you’re interested in learning more about modular home models that are available in your area and want to get a better idea of what costs you’ll want to plan for, we recommend you reach out to your local Clayton home center for more information. There, one of our experienced home consultants can help guide you based on your specific situation and needs.

Man wearing a safety vest and glasses builds part of a prefabricated home inside of a facility, with more lumber in the background

What makes modular homes more affordable?

Now, you might be wondering just what makes modular homes less expensive than traditional homes. Well, one reason is the efficient way they’re built, including how many of the construction materials are purchased. Modular and manufactured homes are usually designed to have more standard layouts and features than site-built homes, which means building them takes less time. And because the homes are constructed inside of a facility, there aren’t any delays because of bad weather or the time of year.

At Clayton, we know which materials we use most often, and how much of them we need, which means we can buy a lot of those materials in bulk. We also have our own internal supply chain management system, Clayton Supply, so we can build or source things like windows, cabinets and roof trusses, and save money on shipping and storage.

Kitchen of a Clayton home with light wood cabinets and floors, white island with stools, white walls and stainless steel appliances

What do modular homes look like?

Today’s modular homes come with a wide range of features and styles, just like traditional site-built homes. Some of the most popular details you’ll see in many of our Clayton home models include large kitchens with island seating, built-in storage in utility rooms or entryways, and bathrooms with dual vanities and standalone bathtubs. Plus, our new modular homes come standard with energy-efficient features like smart thermostats, high-performance water heaters and Low-E windows to also help with affordability. So, whether you’re looking for your roomy farmhouse, modern tiny home, classic ranch or something in between, we’re here to help you find your future home. You can get started below by searching for modular and manufactured homes near you.

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