How Clayton Makes Housing Affordable With Modular Homes

How Clayton Makes Housing Affordable With Modular Homes

Clayton makes modular homes more affordable with strategies like efficient building and buying our materials in bulk! Find out even more!

Clayton has been making housing affordable for families across America for decades. With a mission to open doors to a better life, Clayton has been making homeownership affordable to all sorts of families, no matter what their budget or tastes are.

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But this is not the only reason that we have succeeded in making housing affordable. Our modular home building process, installation process and selection of materials are a key part of why our homes are affordable and beautiful!

The Modular Difference

Modular homes are especially affordable with Clayton! As explained by Modular Homeowners, when buying a modular home, you can expect to spend anywhere between 10 to 20% less than on a site built home.


One reason modular homes can be so much less expensive is because of the efficient way materials are bought and handled.

When building a site built home, a contractor typically only buys enough material for that specific home due to a typical process of building a single home at a time. Since site built home builders generally do not buy materials in bulk, the materials cost more and can cause the price of the home to rise.

Modular home builders have the advantage of buying items in bulk because they are constantly building homes so they need the materials! This reduces the cost by individual item and often makes premium materials available at reduced costs.

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Not only are Clayton Built® homes affordable, but they are more environmentally friendly than site built homes! Modular home builders reduce waste of materials by only cutting the exact amount of material they need. According to Modular Homeowners, site built homes often waste 20% of materials because they have to order in precut lengths.


Although it is hard to track labor costs by claims, Modular Homeowners explains that labor for modular homes is significantly less than that of site built homes. This is because it takes less time to build a home in a home building facility than outdoors since the home is not subject to weather damage or delays.

The biggest reason modular homes require less labor cost is because it requires less building time to get your home completed. You can rest easy knowing that your home will be completed in the most time efficient way possible while still producing a strong, durable product! In as little as six weeks, you could be in your new modular home.

The average time for most Clayton Built® modular homes is four months from the time the home center orders your new modular home until the home is delivered and installed at the home site.

The modular building process is also extremely efficient. Imagine an assembly line at a factory, only instead, each station is building different parts of a home!

Workers are divided into stations in the home building facility, meaning that each worker builds a specific part of each home every day. This makes them specialized builders and provides better quality overall in the building process.

Clayton continues to lead the way as home building companies across the nation recognize the advantages of a streamlined, controlled building process.

Energy Saving Features

At Clayton, we believe in not only saving you money while we build your home, but continuing to make sure it's affordable once you're in your home. Our homes are able to be ENERGY STAR® Certified, making our modular homes use less energy for heating, cooling, hot water and more. This lowers your energy costs and utility bill. Not only are you saving money on your home, but also on your long-term lifestyle!

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