Our Favorites Homes of 2019

Women and young girl in the kitchen of their manufactured home.

It was a year of hard work and many successes. Let’s dive right in to a few favorites homes of 2019 and find out what makes them so incredible.

Ah yes, another year has passed and the Clayton Built® team has yet again outdone themselves. 2019 was built on taking steps toward creating more sustainable and quality homes. But wait, does that mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful style for a well-built home?

Absolutely NOT. We centered our focus around giving you the best of both world by providing modern styles you want with a structure that will last.

With so many amazing homes to choose from, it was too hard to pick our favorites – That’s why we let you decide! Let’s dive into the top 7 favorite homes of 2019.

1. The Lulamae

Interior of a manufactured home kitchen with stainless steel appliances and coffered ceilings.

It’s truly no surprise The Lulamae is at the top of the list! This charming one-of-a-kind farmhouse has delighted homeowners across the country with its unique rustic touches and spacious open floor plan.

Zillow, one of America’s most well-known online real estate companies, called attention to The Lulamae in an article about trendy and unique homes. After it said The Lulamae is “a celebration of all things farmhouse style,” the Clayton Built® team knows this is the home for farmhouse fanatics everywhere.

2. The Super 68

Large manufactured home kitchen with coffered ceilings and a breakfast bar.

There’s nothing better than having a home that’s constantly full of love and laughter. Whether that means you have a large family, or your home is simply the central place for gatherings, The Super 68 has space for it all. Throughout 2019, homeowners fell in love with all 2,040 sq. ft. of this modern and sophisticated home.

3. The Freedom Farmhouse

Interior of manufactured home open floor plan with wooden ceiling beams and a large kitchen island.

We know the rustic farmhouse look will always have a special place in your heart, that’s why it’s no surprise The Freedom Farmhouse was on your favorites list! From rustic ceiling beams to customized entryways, what’s not to love about this home?

Beautiful features are not the only thing this home has to brag about – With over 1,700 sq. ft. of space, the home’s seamless flow from the kitchen to the living room creates the perfect area for any gathering you have planned.

4. The Greystone

Manufactured home livnig room and dining area with a large stone fireplace.

I could talk about the love of farmhouse styles for days, but what about classic modern? The Greystone is the perfect example of a contemporary modern style that’s filled with sleek lines while still having a cozy feel.

For those of you who prefer a more classic style, then this home is definitely for you. With features like a large wrap-around porch, large kitchen island or a separate tub and shower, you are sure to love all 1,740 sq. ft.

5. The Teagan

Manufactured home with open floor plan, kitchen island and black rustic hood vent.

Can we just take a moment to admire every square inch of this beautiful home? Are you drooling yet? That’s OK, we are too!

The Teagan is one of our larger Clayton Built® homes, carefully styled by our skillful designers. With over 2,100 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this home has more than just the looks. Features like a built-in entertainment center, kitchen island and double master closets are what make The Teagan truly one of a kind for our top 2019 picks.

6. The Laney

Manufactured home kitchen with large hood vent and windows.

Do you love open floor plans with so many large windows that your home is constantly illuminated with natural light? Yeah, us too! That’s why the Clayton Built® team created The Laney.

This home brings out all the best parts of a modern style while still incorporating natural elements to create a truly unique look. When you enter The Laney, you’re greeted with a large wrap-around porch that leads into an inviting entryway. With 1,825 sq. ft. of space, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, The Laney is one of our top 2019 wins.

7. The McGarity

Interior of manufactured home living room with open floor plan and ceiling beams.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a gorgeous and rustic home named The McGarity. All 2,465 sq. ft. of this home embrace exposed natural elements and a contemporary layout, creating a seamless style throughout. With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, what would you do with all the space? This home also contains customized Clayton Built® features like a built-in fireplace, wrap-around porch and a gorgeous breakfast bar.

If you want to enter into 2020 in one of these beautiful homes, allow me to show you the way! And trust me – it’s easier than you think! Which Clayton Built® home will you choose this year?

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