5 Different Ways to Use a Flex Room

A flex room in a manufactured home with a desk and art supplies

A flex room, or bonus room, is a great way to personalize your home for your family’s needs. You can turn the room into a home office, playroom, home gym, hobby room and more.

What is a flex room?

A flex room is a space in a home that’s flexible to you and your family’s needs. These bonus rooms are useful when you need a little extra room to fit your lifestyle, like if you work from home and need a quiet office or you want to create a home gym and save money on a membership. Some Clayton homes even offer designated flex rooms that come with options like built-in desks or shelving systems for extra storage space.

The beauty of a flex room is you can make it whatever you want it to be. We share some of our favorite uses for a flex room below.

1. Home Office

A flex room in a manufactured home with a desk and chair

Many of Clayton’s manufactured or modular floor plans feature options like built-in desk alcoves, dens or nooks that all make great office spaces. Whether you work from home or just need a place to take care of bills and other household management tasks, having a desk area helps you stay organized and keep all your important documents in one place. This flex room can serve double duty as a home office and a quieter area for kids to do their homework.

2. Playroom

A flex room in a manufactured home that has toys, children’s books and a teepee

If you have kids, you know keeping all the toys in one place is a challenge, and a playroom is great use of a flex space. Options like built-in shelving can help keep toys and books organized and give kids their own space where they can express their creativity while keeping the rest of the home clean and clutter free.

3. Home Gym

A young woman stretching in a home gym

Maybe you don’t have time to drive out to a gym or you’d like to save money on a membership. Whatever the reason may be, a flex room is the perfect area for a home gym. With so many online fitness classes that require minimal equipment, you can take care of your health and destress from the day from the comfort of your own home.

4. Hobby Room

Paintings and other art supplies in a flex room in a manufactured home

If working on your hobby is your way to decompress from the day, it’s important to have your own space for it. Using a flex room for activities like crafting or painting will help your creative juices flow and keep your supplies in a space that’s all yours. You can also use the space to spend quality time with your kids as you create together.

5. Dining Room

A young woman setting up a dining table for dinner

Is one of your favorite pastimes hosting and cooking for family and close friends? You’ll need an area to gather for a meal. Some of our models offer a flex space that openly flows to an adjacent kitchen, which makes it perfect for an extra dining area for parties.

These are just a few uses for a flex room in your home. You can also use your flex room as an extra bedroom or guest room, a library, home theater or even a pet room. The best part of a flex room is you can change its purpose over time as your family grows and changes.

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