Simple Tips to Create a Productive Home Office

From boring to productive – Find out how to make your perfect at-home office space!

How many of you have found yourself trying to be productive while working on your couch? Maybe you work in your bedroom, or maybe you’re a floor worker. Regardless of the location where you choose to get work done, we can all agree on one thing – you are a hard worker!

Some of us stay up late into the night after the kids are put to bed to finally get some peace and quiet, and others are early risers who get work done before the sun meets the sky. So, let me ask you… Don’t you think you deserve to have an office?

I get it, some of us aren’t used to working from home, and not all of us have the space in our houses to dedicate an entire room for an office. That’s where I come in! We all deserve a spot to be productive and organized, so let’s get into creating your perfect little home office space.

Choosing the Perfect Location

A person sitting at their desk with a computer and calendar in their manufactured home.

What you will use your office for will determine the best location in your home. This is an area where you are likely to spend many hours, so make sure it’s a place you’re comfortable in. That’s right, this means no depressing corners or tucked away in a small closet! Find a place in your home with bright windows and a lot of space to work. After all, your office is where the creative juices will need to flow.

You also want to consider the traffic in your home surrounding your office. If possible, try picking a place that’s away from the kitchen or living room to avoid loud distractions.

What Materials Do YOU Need?

An office inside a manufactured home with a window, desk and small stool.

I get it, the fancy offices you see online with a matching stapler and tape dispenser are almost irresistible, but it’s essential to assess what YOU need. I mean, how many of us use tape and staplers on a daily basis?

Now let’s talk furniture. Your furniture will be one of the biggest investments you put into your office because it will set the stage for a productive work day. If you have space for it, purchase the largest desk you have room for. This will allow you to stretch out your calendars, agendas, computers and paperwork for optimal productivity.

Your chair is also an extremely important piece in your office. You will spend hours sitting in one place, so make sure it’s comfortable. If you can splurge on a chair that specializes in back support or posture correction, you will find yourself more comfortable and productive throughout the day. This will also carry into benefits after your work day – no one wants to feel the irritation of a poorly made chair throughout the evening!

Organization and Décor

Office inside a manufactured home with a glass table and decorative knickknacks.

For some, decorations within an office space don’t mean anything… And for others, décor is everything.

Decorating your office has more benefits than just fancy aesthetics. It can actually help your productivity level. Choosing accents that are homey and personalized to your liking will create a more comfortable environment. Incorporate light features, family knickknacks and pillows to create a work-from-home sanctuary. If space allows, you can also add a white board/bulletin board, pencil holders or a cute waste bin to complete the look.

While décor is always important, having optimized organization might be one of the most essential parts of a productive office. Knowing where everything is and when everything is due can decrease your work stress levels exponentially. Add decorative storage baskets that are clearly labeled, an easily accessible calendar and a filing cabinet if necessary, to ensure each item in your office has a space.

OK, I bet you’re brainstorming about where in your home you could add an office space. For these kinds of dilemmas, the Clayton Built® team created the practical style guide. This will be your go-to guide for turning small spaces in your home into beautiful and useful areas.


Space Maximizing Style Guide

Maximize small spaces with 10 tips from this practical style look book.

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