Ways to Create a Cozy, Modern Primary Suite

Primary bedroom with gray walls, cherry rail walls and modern cozy accents

Does your primary suite need a refresh? Or are you starting from scratch to create the perfect cozy bedroom in your home? Either way, these tops tips to create a comfortable space on a budget will make your bedroom the perfect place to relax or get a great night’s sleep.

When I bought my first home, one of the rooms I was the most excited to put together was my primary bedroom. Not only was I excited to decorate as a couple with my husband, but I couldn’t wait to create a cozy space for us to relax in after a long day at work. Depending on how you customize your Clayton Built® home, you can either have your room completely styled out or you could start with a blank slate. That’s why we partnered with blogging duo Chris Loves Julia to learn how to create a modern, comfortable primary suite on a budget. Check out these tips we came up with based on what we learned from one of our favorite husband and wife teams!

1. Darker tones for deeper sleep

master bedroom with gray walls and rustic wood furniture

In most rooms you want to incorporate lighter colors on the walls to make the room feel larger; however, darker hues in a bedroom can make the space feel cozy and lower the reflection of light coming into the room. Some colors are even proven to help you sleep! Pair the darker walls with neutral but plush linens and you have the perfect space to snooze. Chris and Julia used a beautiful gray color in one of our homes to create a modern, cozy space.

2. Layer quilts and throw blankets

Master bedroom remodel with modern chandelier, iron bedframe and boho furniture

While a nice, fluffy comforter is cozy, a decorative quilt can add comfort to the room as well as a vintage touch. Quilts are also a great way to incorporate more colors into your bedroom space that will compliment, and provide opportunity to incorporate more colors with, your accent pieces and decor. Layering your bed with a throw blanket also adds a little extra comfort and design to your bed-set.

3. Add texture in unexpected places

master bedroom with gray walls, wood wicker nightstands and modern photograpy on the wall

We expect texture in our bedding and decor, but what about the walls? You can add wainscoting and beadboard for either a farmhouse or cottage look, or you can add chair rail and box trim to the feature wall of the bedroom for a luxe, modern touch – just like Chris and Julia did to our home!

4. Change up the lighting

Industrial farmhouse wall pendant light and corregated metal wall

Adding a chandelier or fun pendant light to your bedroom will make it feel more luxurious. Whether you want a light with lots of decorative glass hanging down or something more minimal or industrial, decorative lighting can dress up the room.

5. Add sleek, light tile in the bathroom

Master bathroom with dual vanity sink, white tile and gold mirrors

The next step of working on the primary suite is the bathroom. Adding a light-colored bathroom tile can brighten up the space and make it feel clean and sleek. You can either add it yourself during a bathroom refresh, using simple sheets like Julia and Chris, or talk to your local home center about bathroom tile options in a new Clayton Built® home.

6. Use colors that contrast for decor and wall accents

modern master bathroom with gold and navy accents

Compliment your tile color with colors that contrast. Chris and Julia chose navy and gold as the primary colors for the primary bathroom in the home they decorated. The navy hand towels stand out against the white tile wall and the gold trim mirrors add a nice modern accent to the room.

7. Keep the bathroom tidy and minimal

master bathroom with drop in soaker tub, blue walls, white tile accent wall and white cabinets

One simple but underrated way to create a cozy primary suite is to keep the bathroom tidy and minimal. Use storage spaces to hold your favorite products but keep the countertops clutter-free. You can even place hand soap and lotion in a nice ceramic dish so they will stay in the appropriate place.

You can see the full makeover from Chris and Julia over at their blog or save your favorite bedroom styles in your own favorites account!

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