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Clayton Concept Homes: Where are They Now?

The i-House, the Gen Now home, the 3D Printed home, tiny homes - Learn why these homes exist and where they are now.

You’ve seen some amazing things by Clayton – the iHouse, the Gen Now home, the 3D printed home, luxury designer homes and more! But why does Clayton release these “concept homes” if you can’t buy them?

Why Companies Make “Concept” Products

A concept is defined as an abstract idea or invention devised in order to help sell or publicize a commodity. Our Clayton Built® concept homes are dreamt up because we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to providing comfortable and durable manufactured housing that fulfills you and your family’s every need—now and far into the future! Leaders in every industry, from automobiles to airlines and everything in between, develop these concept products and models in order to influence future designs and processes.

For example, in 2014 a well-known car company built a modern version of one of their classic models. Within days, the 2016 version of the classic model was one of the most searched phrases on Google, and the hype surrounding the modern design was huge--however, the company then announced that it was just a concept vehicle to influence future designs.

The Clayton Concepts

Because Clayton likes to stay ahead of the game, we’ve developed a series of concept homes throughout our history. The i-House, Gen Now home, 3-D printed home and tiny homes were all created with one thing in mind—to raise the bar of what is expected of the manufactured housing industry and impact future home designs. 

While some of these concept homes were sold, this wasn’t the goal we had in mind when they were originally conceptualized. Rather, we designed these homes in order to devise ways to better meet our target markets’ housing needs with features and amenities that can be sold in some of our other model homes.

How You Benefit

While these homes are efficient in and of themselves, it is far too inefficient at this time to mass produce and sell these homes due to the expensive materials needed to create them. So, we try to give you the best of both worlds! We offer a majority of the features that make these homes so great in many of our standard model homes that you love and enjoy.

All of our concept homes were designed and constructed with our home buyers’ needs in mind. Moving forward as a leader in manufactured housing, we will continue to brainstorm ways that Clayton can fulfill these needs, while still ensuring comfort and durability in our homes.

Follow the timeline to discover the steps that Clayton has taken as an innovative home builder.

2007: The i-House

Clayton i-House

In 2007, we introduced the i-House, which was created to include features and amenities that accommodate all of our needs as a rapidly advancing society. During this time, the market of home buyers who were seeking innovative housing that uses energy efficiently was very low. Even though the i-House was sold to some of the most environmentally conscious home buyers, it was not profitable to mass produce and market to the public. This formed the grounds from which we base the goals of our concept homes now!

We took some of the most popular features in this home and made them even more affordable and available in all of our homes via the Energy Smart Home package that can be purchased and added to any Clayton Built® home. This package has the same goals in mind as the i-House did, and customers respond positively to being able to add some of the same energy efficient features, such as low-e windows and ENERGY STAR™ appliances, to any Clayton Built® model they want. This paved the way for how we treat concept homes as influencers on other model homes and upgrade packages that use some of the most popular and best amenities.  

2014: The Gen Now Home

Clayton Gen Now Home

The Gen Now Home, introduced in 2014, was inspired by our youngest generation of home buyers - millennials. As a home that is designed to transform and grow with you throughout each stage of you and your family’s lifecycle, this home does much more than provide shelter. It was conceptualized and built for the 19-37 age group that makes up the Gen Now generation, but the reinvented floor plan and features are convenient and fulfill the needs of any home buyer—no matter what generation. Because of this, the interchangeable features, known as “smart points”, are available in many other Clayton Built® homes. Our Gen Now concept home helped us provide ways that your Clayton Built® home can be customized to fit you and your family’s individual needs and wants at whatever stage in the lifecycle you are.

2015: The 3D Printed Home

3D Printed Home

In 2015, we collaborated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Tru-Design and Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill (SOM) on a project titled Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Energy (A.M.I.E). Together, we designed and constructed an energy efficient home and car using ORNL’s 3D printer, BAAM! The home and car were made to fully optimize any and all energy used by reducing the carbon footprint through a shared power management system. This concept home was created in order to showcase the power of 3D printing and energy management, as well as waste management throughout the construction process. While this project was exciting and impressive, there is a long way to go before 3D printing can be profitable and cost-effective. This partnership formed through the project can be used to each company’s advantage to help them remain at the technological forefront of home building.

2016: Clayton Tiny Homes

Clayton Tiny Home

Helping amplify the ever-trending Tiny Home craze sweeping the nation from millennials to retirees, we worked with Jeffrey Dungan Architects to create a Designer Tiny Home Collection. The Designer Series amplifies that “living tiny” doesn’t mean you have to give up the luxuries of a traditional home. Clayton Tiny Homes are now being produced in a specially designed home building facility in Alabama and are available for purchase in select states. Visit the Clayton Designer Series Tiny Homes website to see if these beauties are available in your area!

The Clayton Designer Series is our efficient solution to the demand for small space with luxury amenities and modern, energy-efficient features. However, there are parameters set in place by state and local governments as to what is and is not permitted when it comes to building and placing a tiny home on land. At Clayton, we're working closely with regulators to alleviate the concerns some people may have regarding the safety of tiny homes and building and zoning standards of tiny homes. Stay in the Know to get exclusive updates, purchase availability and more about the Clayton Designer Series tiny homes -or- take our exclusive tiny homes quiz to see which Designer Series tiny home is the perfect new pad for you!

2017: A New Class of Homes

prefab home with garage

In response to the growing gap in new homes offered within an attainable price range, we joined forces with industry partners to develop a new category, or new class, of off-site built homes. With the average price of new on-site built homes with land skyrocketing, this new category of homes represents an industry movement to offer an essential, more attainable option for homeownership. Conceptually, this new category of off-site built homes with specific features and upgrades that can finance and appraise similarly to traditional on-site built housing. Together, we are expanding on reliable, durable and stylish homes to explore a new definition of off-site home construction. We are excited about the future of this industry and the potential to provide an attainable solution to the national affordable housing crisis. Stay tuned for updates as more on this initiative develops.

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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