All About Clayton’s Concept Homes

A CrossMod manufactured home inside of a convention center, with black and gray siding.

From a 3D printed concept home to CrossMod® homes, learn more about how Clayton continues to innovate in the manufactured housing industry.

Clayton has definitely created some pretty cool concept homes, but have you ever wondered why we come up with them in the first place?

Well, in the business world, a concept is specifically defined as “an abstract idea or invention devised to help sell or publicize a commodity.” Leading companies in many different industries create concept products to help them develop new ideas and make their future designs even better.

At Clayton, our concept homes were created because we want to raise the bar when it comes to prefabricated homes, and make them an even more affordable, stylish and quality option for today’s homeowners. Now, let’s take a look at a timeline of some of the ideas we’ve explored over the years.

A home office in Clayton Home’s i-House.

2007: The i-house

In 2007, we introduced the i-house, which was specifically designed to include amenities based on the changing needs of modern homeowners. It included a separate flex space along with a contemporary design and focus on energy efficiency.

The i-house also helped us create a process for designing our concept homes, and how those homes influence our future manufactured and modular home models. Today, many of our homes include energy-efficient appliances and materials in addition to offering flex spaces and other popular features.

Clayton Gen Now Home

2014: The Gen Now Home

The Gen Now Home, introduced in 2014, was inspired by the youngest generation of home buyers at the time: millennials. It was designed to do more than just provide shelter and would transform and grow with homeowners over the years. Its features included a recharging station for electronics, sliding barn doors that transformed spaces, unique storage areas and modern design elements. Our Gen Now concept home helped us think of ways to personalize a floor plan’s space to fit different needs and wants, so people can find a home that works with their lifestyle.

3D Printed Home

2015: The 3D Printed Home

In 2015, we collaborated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tru-Design and Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill on a project titled Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Energy. Together, we designed and constructed an energy-efficient home and car using ORNL’s 3D printer. The home and car were made to offset the energy they used by reducing their carbon footprint through a shared power management system. This concept home was created to showcase the power of 3D printing, as well as opportunities to continue to improve waste management throughout the home construction process.

Interior of a CrossMod home with white walls, weathered wood-style flooring and a kitchen with green cabinets and island in the background

2017 to Now: CrossMod® Homes

In response to the growing need for attainable new homes, Clayton joined with other industry partners to take part in an initiative led by the Manufactured Housing Institute, called CrossMod® homes. This new type of home combines many of the advantages of both site-built and off-site built housing. They include features like an attached garage, covered porch, permanent foundation and higher rooflines, as well as modern design details and energy-efficient features. Plus, they can appraise like site-built homes, and the financing options they offer can have a number of advantages over loans secured by standard manufactured housing.

Clayton manufactured home kitchen with blue title backsplash, stainless steel fridge and range hood, white counters and black cabinets.

2023: DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes™

This year, we announced our goal to build all of our new residential manufactured homes to Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home specifications by Jan. 1, 2024. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are constructed inside of a certified building facility and designed with energy-efficient features that can offset up to 100 percent of the home’s energy use, when combined with a renewable energy system like solar panels. This means the homes have improved comfort year-round, while also helping homeowners save on energy bills.

At Clayton, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate, whether it’s through adding more energy-efficient home features, building our homes more sustainably or even helping create new types of off-site built housing. To learn more about what we’re up to, keep reading and check out the Home Building section of our Studio blog.

CrossMod® is a registered trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute.

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