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The i-House, a 3D-printed home and CrossMod™ homes - Learn more about these homes and how Clayton is continuing to innovate within the manufactured home industry.

Here at Clayton, we’re committed to innovation, especially when it comes to affordable housing. That’s why we’ve created some amazing concept homes over the years, like the iHouse, the Gen Now home, the 3D printed home and more! But why does Clayton come up with these concept homes?

Why Companies Create Concept Products

When it comes to business, a concept is defined as, “an abstract idea or invention devised to help sell or publicize a commodity.” Leaders in every industry, from cars to airlines, develop concept products and models to influence future designs and processes. Our Clayton Built® concept homes were created because we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to providing comfortable, stylish and durable manufactured housing — now and into the future!

And while some of these concept homes were marketed to home buyers, our main goals when we originally conceptualized many of them were to raise the bar within the manufactured housing industry and to impact future manufactured home designs that will meet the needs of homeowners.

Now, let’s take a look at a timeline of some of the ways Clayton has taken on innovation in the home building industry.

A home office in Clayton Home’s i-House.

2007: The i-House

In 2007, we introduced the i-House, which was specifically created to include features and amenities to accommodate society’s rapidly changing needs, with a focus on energy efficiency. The i-House also helped us form the grounds we base the goals of our concept homes on now.

We took some of the most popular features in this home and made them even more affordable and available in our Clayton Built® homes through options like our EnergySmart® Home package, available from our Clayton family of brands retailers. This optional package has many of the same goals in mind as the i-House and offers our home buyers the ability to add energy efficient features like Low-E windows and ENERGY STAR™ appliances to their new Clayton Built® home. The positive response from offering features like this has paved the way for how concept homes influence future home models and upgrade packages that incorporate some of the most popular amenities home buyers are looking for.

Clayton Gen Now Home

2014: The Gen Now Home

The Gen Now Home, introduced in 2014, was inspired by the youngest generation of home buyers at the time — millennials. This home was designed to do more than provide shelter by transforming and growing with you through the years. It was conceptualized and built for potential home buyers in the 19-37 age group that makes up the Gen Now generation, but the reinvented floor plan and features were designed to be convenient and fulfill the needs of any home buyer. Because of this, interchangeable and flexible features are now available in many of our new Clayton Built® homes. Our Gen Now concept home helped us create ways a Clayton Built® home can be customized to fit a family’s individual needs and wants throughout the life of their home.

3D Printed Home

2015: The 3D Printed Home

In 2015, we collaborated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tru-Design and Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill on a project titled Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Energy (A.M.I.E). Together, we designed and constructed an energy efficient home and car using ORNL’s 3D printer. The home and car were made to fully optimize any and all energy used by reducing their carbon footprint through a shared power management system. This concept home was created to showcase the power of 3D printing and energy management, as well as waste management throughout the construction process.


2017 to Present Day: CrossMod™ Homes

In response to the growing need for new homes that are in an attainable price range, we joined forces with other manufactured housing industry partners to develop a new category of off-site built homes, CrossMod™ homes. With the average price of new on-site built homes continuing to rise, this new category of homes represents an industry movement to offer an essential, more affordable option for homeownership. CrossMod homes include specific features, like an attached garage, covered porch or carport, and can finance and appraise similarly to traditional on-site built homes.

At Clayton, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate, whether it’s through things like exploring new definitions of off-site homes or a variety of energy efficient features and building processes. Read more what we are up to and how you can make your next home a Clayton Built® home on our Studio blog.

CrossMod is a trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute. ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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