Cool Smart Home Features Available in Clayton Built® Homes

Cool Smart Home Features Available in Clayton Built® Homes

Some of the best smart home design features can be found in manufactured homes! From keyless entry to energy efficient appliances, manufactured home technology is great.

Clayton Built® homes have many wonderful features from built-in storage systems to cool tech options like pop-up outlets in your kitchen. Check out cool smart home features that make your daily routine easier.

Pop-Up Outlets

Savannah The Clifton-VLV28603A Plug 7687-1

These outlets pop up out of your counter whenever you need more plugs! When you’re not using them, push them back into the counter to free up space and keep them out of sight.

Under the Cabinet Charging Stand

This pull down stand, placed conveniently under your kitchen cabinets, makes charging your phone and scrolling through recipes easy!

Smart Thermostat

54CRW16803CH Ecobee-24

An ecobee smart thermostat, which comes standard it all new Clayton Built® home, allows you to control your heating and cooling systems from an app. It also adjusts to fit your schedule so it’s not unnecessarily heating or cooling your home when you’re not home. This leads to savings on your energy bill!

Charging Dock Station

A charging dock station like the one in the Amazon Model by Clayton is conveniently placed between the front entry and the living room so you can charge your devices before you leave the house or while you’re watching TV.

Wakarusa Facility Insulation

Kitchen Sweep Vac

A sweep vac allows for you to quickly sweep debris away and keep your kitchen floor clean. Simply sweep crumbs up to the sweep vac and it will pull the debris into a canister you can empty later.

Since our homes offer many other features, learn more about how we offer spa bathrooms with soaker tubs and trending styles for less.

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