What Are Batten Strips in a Manufactured Home?

A gray kitchen in a manufactured home with white cabinetry and gray wall panels with batten strips.

At Clayton, our goal is to build you a home that fits your family’s needs, and your budget. One of the many ways we can make our homes more affordable and efficient is with wall panels and batten strips. Learn more about these strips and why we use them in our homes.

If you’ve been browsing our home models, you may have noticed that some of our homes have thin strips of wood on the walls, which are called batten strips. Here at Clayton, our manufactured homes are made with many quality and affordable materials from top home building brands, including wall panels and batten strips. Learn more about what they’re for, and why they’re an efficient and affordable choice for a manufactured home.

What Are Batten Strips?

Many manufactured homes are built with wall sections or panels that make building the home more efficient because assembling and transporting it is easier. To cover the seams between these pre-finished, vinyl-covered wall panels, Clayton uses batten strips. Typically, batten strips are made from thin strips of wood paneling covered in the same material as the wall panels, and they run vertically along the entire length of the wall.

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Why Does Clayton Use Batten Strips?

Aside from easier transport and assembly, wall panels are more affordable and lighter than drywall, and are less time consuming to install than finishing drywall seams. For homeowners, they’re also easy to maintain and clean. By using batten strips, along with other efficient construction materials and processes, it’s possible for our home building facilities to build a home in only a few days. (Note: The timeline of the entire process from buying to moving can take several months and depends on your specific location and home model.)

Because of these factors, our manufactured homes with wall paneling and batten strips are often our most affordable options. We also offer homes with a drywall finish, which requires applying drywall joint compound in the seams between each wall section, then sanding down the seams and finishing with paint and texture. This process takes longer and adds to the price of the home, but it can create a more polished look.

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