Building With Batten Strips

Why Clayton builds homes with the affordable and efficient batten strip and wall board method!

Here at Clayton, the homes we build are made of quality, affordable home building materials, including batten strips. By using batten strips and other efficient building techniques, we are able to build many of our manufactured homes and ship them to you in about 3 to 4 weeks.

What are Batten Strips For?

Batten strips are used to cover the seams between pre-finished, vinyl covered wall panels in a manufactured home’s interior.

Typically, batten strips are thin strips of wood paneling, covered in the same vinyl wall paper material that is used on the pre-finished wall panels in a home.

Why Batten Strips?

Wall boards are not just a more affordable, lighter material than thicker, finished drywall--finishing mobile home wall seams with batten strips is less time consuming than finishing drywall seams!

Drywall finishing requires putting drywall joint compound in the seams between each section, then sanding down the seams and then adding paint and texture.

Many of Clayton's mobile homes offer drywall instead of board and batten walls. However, many of our most affordable manufactured homes come with batten strips and wall boards to save you money since it's a low-cost, efficient wall option! Plus, vinyl finished wall panels are very easy to maintain and clean!

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