Tips for an Energy Efficient Home this Summer

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Just because the temperature is going up doesn’t mean your power bill has to as well. Use these energy efficient tips in your home to conserve and save!

The highs are getting higher, and so is your energy bill — but what if it doesn’t have to be that way? While you might have made your home more energy efficient this winter, summer works quite a bit differently. High heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your energy bill but have no fear – with just a few changes you can get your home ready to face even the hottest summer.

1. Grow Your Own Shade

Exterior of a yellow home with brown trim with lots of trees and a large front porch area.

Shady trees help people cool off on hot summer days and the same goes for your house. While any shade helps cool your home, you should prioritize shading south-facing windows with either trees or an awning.

Trees are a longer-term investment, but they provide more shade and lose their leaves in winter, allowing that sun to stream in on cold winter days. Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter — It’s a win-win situation!

2. Skip the Dryer

Unless you live in a high humidity area, hot summer days are perfect for drying clothes outside. A clothing line is inexpensive, easy to install and can save the energy needed to run your dryer multiple times a week. The dryer itself can also add a few degrees to the temperature in your home, so you can also avoid this by trying out a clothesline!

3. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

ecobee smart thermostat® on the white wall of a manufactured home.

You can’t constantly be adjusting your thermostat throughout the day, especially if you’re away from home. Every new Clayton Built® home comes with an ecobee smart thermostat® to help you maintain a more energy efficient space, saving your money. A smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in your home from your phone while you’re out. It may also be able to adjust automatically during the day.

4. Use Cool Nights to Save During the Day

Three large Lux windows and a large blue couch in the living room of a manufactured home.

Instead of running your air conditioner throughout the night, turn it off and open the windows in your home. The evening and night air will cool your house while you sleep, and you can close windows in the morning to keep that cool air trapped inside.

Fair warning – this method only works in regions where the temperature and humidity drops at night.

5. Cover Your Windows

Woman putting up window drapes in a manufactured home.

Sunlight streaming through your windows can heat up your home more quickly than you think. If you place drapes and curtains on your windows, you help your home’s cooling system by keeping that heat outside where it belongs!

6. Become a Fan of Fans

Ceiling fan with silver body and wooden blades.

While they still require energy, ceiling fans use far less energy than an air conditioner. They also create wind chill effect that can make a warm home feel as much as four degrees cooler.

What’s more, fans help lower the temperature in specific rooms, allowing you to keep your house at a higher overall temperature during summer months while still being comfortable. There are also a few simple ceiling fan tricks you can use to improve your indoor comfort.

7. Unplug your Devices

Two cellphones plugged into an in-wall charging station.

You may not know it, but leaving things plugged in without using them still uses power! This ghost power can be a drain on your power bill, so make sure you unplug any chargers and devices when you aren’t using them!

To save on energy all year around, check out Clayton’s Energy Smart Home package. It can help you save on your utilities and use less energy throughout the entire year.

Our tips don’t end here! Check out more of our home care tips with our seasonal maintenance checklist and keep your home running at its most efficient all year long.

Take care of your home all year long with this easy-to-use seasonal checklist.

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