4 Alternative Reasons to Buy a New Clayton Built® Home

Looking for an in-law suite or a 'granny pod' for your in-laws? Or perhaps you need short-term housing. Check out our post to learn about the alternative uses for a manufactured home!

Manufactured homes, also known as prefabricated homes, are great starter homes or first homes, but those are not the only benefits of factory-built homes. There are other situations that a manufactured home is fitting for, so here are a few alternative reasons to buy a new manufactured home.

Reason #1: Convenience

Your second home should be a mobile home because of the convenience. Clayton Built® manufactured homes are both durable and affordable, as well as customizable so you can truly make it your own. What more could you ask for in a second home? A writer from Morning Chores makes an excellent point that a manufactured home can give you the option of more space, but doesn’t force you to have to “purchase a bunch of unnecessary space if you don’t want it”.¹

Reason #2: Rental Property

There’s the ability to rent out a manufactured home and earn extra income. Having homes as rental property may not seem intriguing at first, but a manufactured home, that requires minimal upkeep, is ideal for renting. Plus, you can look at a Clayton Built® home as an investment. If you build equity in a manufactured home, then it can result in extra income that will pay off over time!

Reason #3: In-law Suites

Another possibility would be to use a Clayton Built® home as an in-law suite close to your home or on your land. Depending on each situation, you may be more than happy to invite your in-laws into your home to live, however you should consider that they may not be willing to give up their own personal space. That’s where a customizable prefabricated home could come into play, giving you all exactly what you’re looking for. Even if it’s only short-term housing, it can be used for that, then it could be turned into a mobile home rental.

Reason #4: Temporary Housing

Speaking of short-term housing, on to the last alternate reason to buy a new prefabricated home. Temporary housing. Whether it’s temporary housing when moving cities, while building a home or you’re simply tired of renting apartments or houses, a manufactured home may be the best option for you!

Also, if you have children going to college, a manufactured home could be a good investment. They can use it as temporary housing during school, then you could sell it, use it as a guest house or even pass it on to your children after college and let them take over and have full responsibility of it.

These are just a few alternative reasons for you to consider. If you do enough research, you’ll find numerous reasons your second home should be a mobile home. Stop by your local home center today to find out more about our new manufactured homes and let a friendly, knowledgeable home consultant take you on a tour of fully furnished models available in your area!

1. 24 Realistic and Inexpensive Alternative Housing Ideas. https://morningchores.com/alternative-housing/ (accessed 04/23/2018).

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