Why You Should Consider Clayton for a Second Home

A manufactured home with wooden stairs looks out over a mountain view.

We know that everyone’s housing needs aren’t the same and can change with time, and that includes if you’re buying a secondary home. So, whether you’re looking for more room for family or want to have a dedicated vacation home, learn about the beautiful options Clayton has to fit your life.

Our variety of floor plans and options meet you where you are, from first homes to forever homes. But they can also be a great choice if you are looking for a second home. Clayton wants to make your life easier with stylish manufactured and modular homes that are typically more affordable and convenient than trying to build a new, traditional site-built house that can experience more delays for bad weather.

We also want to save you the frustration of searching, bidding and settling for an older home that doesn’t have everything you’re looking for or needs expensive, time-consuming renovations.

There are several reasons for investing in a second home, so check out this list of situations where a new Clayton home just might be the perfect fit.

As a Vacation Home

Enjoy a home away from home. Whether the mountains are calling or that beach calendar has you dreaming of sun and waves, a Clayton home in your favorite destination location can make vacationing more convenient and personalized. And a manufactured home makes being a snowbird more attainable if you want to escape the colder months.

Pick a floor plan that works for your plans, whether you need 4 bedrooms to bring the whole family or a cozy 1-2 bedroom for a couple’s getaway. We have a variety of home sizes, layouts and prices to choose from. Plus, our energy-efficient features, like Low-E windows and a smart thermostat, will keep your stay comfortable, no matter the climate.

To be a Rental Property

Are you interested in becoming a landlord to create an extra source of income? Choosing a manufactured home makes it easy to have a rental property with plenty of options. Whether you’re looking to build a home in a college town or a neighborhood full of families, Clayton partners with trusted brands like Frigidaire® appliances and Shaw® flooring, so you’ll know that home is built with quality and durability in mind.

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For Family Members

As your parents or in-laws grow older, you may also want them to be closer so you can help them with things like medical care and appointments. And a manufactured or modular home that can be placed near your home just might be right for your family situation. One-story, open floor plans that can be personalized and designed with a variety of accessibility options are ideal for any family member with specific needs and mobility concerns.

In addition, parents with college-aged children may also be looking for an off-campus option instead of renting or paying for student housing for four years. With a manufactured home, your students can study while enjoying all the comforts of back home, like a utility room, private bathroom, garage and full kitchen. No more trying to make microwave spaghetti for dinner. And once the kids graduate, the home can be turned into a rental property, or they will already have a home ready if they decide to stay there.

If your family already has land, you might also be looking for a second home so your older adult children can settle down there as well. Or maybe you want a standalone in-law suite or guest house on your family property for those visits from out-of-town or long-term guests. Every family has different needs, which is why Clayton has a range of floor plans so you can choose what works best for you.

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For Short-Term Stays

Vacation home rentals have increased in popularity over the years for those who want a homier experience than a cookie-cutter hotel room. If you live in a popular tourist city or near beautiful views, having a second home to rent out for weekend stays or weeklong trips can help you generate extra income. Plus, Clayton offers many features that will be sure to impress, such as spa bathrooms, front porches, 9 ft. ceilings, fireplaces and more. And with beautiful home styles and designs from our team at the Home Innovation Lab, your property will make a perfect backdrop for those social media posts. #dreamvacation

If You Travel for Work

With hybrid, remote and travel work becoming more common, you may live far away from your job or even outside the state you’re in employed in. But you may still need to commute there often enough that a second home may be a more convenient and affordable long-term option than staying at a hotel or even renting an apartment. It means your partner or family can stay rooted at your primary residence, and you can go back and forth as needed or on the weekends. Being able to keep clothes in the closet and food in the pantry at your second home will be much easier than living out of a suitcase. And many Clayton models have office options if you need a dedicated workspace.

As a helpful note, financing options for a second home can vary depending on the lender, and typically have stricter requirements than a first mortgage. Not all lenders offer financing for second homes, or for manufactured homes. Be clear when you apply that you intend the home to be a secondary one or an investment property, and discuss mortgage types with your chosen lender to find one that fits your specific situation.

We understand that not every home buyer is looking for the same things. Sometimes your housing needs may be a little more situational or unconventional, and they can change over time based on what life stage you’re in. That’s why we have models for a variety of needs and wants. You can get started on your home buying journey today by browsing our Find a Home page for Clayton models near you and then filtering them by price range, specific features, the number of bedrooms and more.

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